October has served Immaculate Truth. Showing The Way in the Light of CORE. Immaculate Light is Righteously given and opens up Eternity in the Opportunity of Creative Right in Human RACE.

Welcoming Truth in its Immaculate State realises Purpose of Living in Detailed Human RACE. To be GRACE and to be Active in the Wishful Right of Being. Immaculate Truth is Truth in the Immaculate Vision, Truth United with Immaculate Light. To order Creation in Detailed Constellations and formations.

Because of Immaculate Truth, Creation can be Detailed and Human RACE is able to form Details. Expressing the Colourful Right of HOPE and of the Aquarian Promise, is possible by the Right of Truth to be Immaculate and to be Present. Principles of Aquarius are the Active Reality and Gift of GOD's Will and Tone. Will of GOD is Active in the Design of Emerald, Active in the Wishes of Human RACE. United Wish and Will gives Space for Creation to be Detailed and to Shine as the Truthful CORE.

CORE of Terra is stimulated in Immaculate Truth to give of herself. To give of the Ruby Reality in which Life unfolds as the Beauty of Crystal. Ruby Reality is Ordered Ruby, Ruby Expressed and formed by the Power of Immaculate Truth. Ordered Truth of Emerald Design makes Ruby Reality as Life and emphasises Purpose of Ruby CORE. Being Human is Being Honoured by CORE of Terra and receiving the Right to create in All Ways of Love. Love is Truthful and Right in Immaculate Truth, in Wishful Willingness.

October served us well, Autumn has arrived in the Power of Immaculate Truth. To bring Colour, Beauty and the Activation of INNER Right.

Copyright: Ascending All

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