ONE RACE is United and follows God’s Tone. ONE RACE is Able to be Creator within this Tone. ONE RACE is God’s RACE, the RACE that is Encouraged by Father, that is Directed by the Light of the Almighty ONE. This ONE is God’s Name and God’s Tone. This ONE Resonates within Human RACE, within ONE RACE.
Being Aligned with the Father’s Wish is being Able to Create. Your Creativity is the Alignment with Father’s Wish. Your Creativity is Ordered by Sun and Moon and Ordered by the given LAW in the Aquarian Age.

You Create Beauty in Ordered Direction. You Create Beauty in Ordered Creativity.
Manifesting Grace, the Manifestation of God’s RACE, is Manifesting the Reality of ONE Wish that Lives in ALL. Father’s Wish Lives in ALL and you Express this in Detail. Detailed Wishes United make Human in Unity or a Human Communion. ONE RACE is Human RACE and this RACE is Honoured by Father, by Father’s Identity.
Your Identity is United with Father’s Wish, with Father’s Identity. Your Identity therefore is Enlightened in the Reflection of Moon. In the Fullness of Moon she gives her Gratitude to Father. She gives Gratitude for Receiving Seed, for Receiving the Life Giving Power of Will. In being Willing to Live you are Willing to Align and Unite with Father’s Wish. In being Willing to Live you are Willing to Create. And Creating you do within the Order of Aquarius, within the Right of God’s Tone because God’s Tone has Right to Live, to Be Physical. God’s Tone IS Right within Order of Aquarius.
Manifesting the Righteousness of Creation is done by Creator. You are Creator as Human Being. You are Creator in God’s Tone. You are Creator because Father Creates. So Align with the Creative Power of ONE Father, of ONE Tone, of ONE Name. Align with the Creativity that is within ONE Wish given by the Tone of God. Manifest the Beauty and Order of the Aquarian RACE, of the Aquarian Age which means that you as Human Being become MORE. You Grow into the Order of Aquarius, you Realise yourself within the Encouragement of Father’s Will and Wish.
Embrace the Reality of this Age. Embrace the Reality of the Principles and Constellation of Aquarius. While you do so you Embrace the Gift of Father’s Will, the Gift of Father’s Seed. Welcome in Aquarius. Welcome in Aqua Reign which is an Aquarian Direction United in Will, United in Wish and Present in ONE Tone that Sounds in ALL.
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