In Welcoming the Moon of the Son we remember the Birth of Christ. We remember the Reality of a Gift to the World, a Gift of every Human Being.

Welcoming a New Moon - the Moon of the Son - is Welcoming the Right to Be Human, to Be Grateful for Life and to Live Right in the Endless Reality of Creativity.
Be Welcome in the Right of Humanity and Awaken in your Perspective, Awaken in your Perfection, Awaken in your Creative Ability to Honour White Fire, to Honour the Origin, to Honour Terra, Sun and Moon.
Bring forth the Joy of Life that is given in Son that is given in Human RACE. And Be the fullness of Grace which is to Be Human, Human RACE.
You are Welcomed and you are given Life, you are given the Gifts like Jesus when he was born as Christ, he Received Life, he Welcomed Life. And you as Humanity, as Human RACE, may Receive Life and Welcome Life. You may Breathe Life and you are Given Life while you Give Life.
So Be Righteously Human. Be Perfect in your Creative Ability. Be Righteous in your Ability to Form and to Direct. Be ONE RACE and ONE Human, All Done to Honour Life and Light, to Honour Order, All Done to Obey the Reality of ONE Name, the Reality of ONE Tone.
Welcome in this New Moon. Welcome in the Light that rises Human RACE that brings Glory to ONE Grace and ONE Face; the Face of God as Son.
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