Atoms and Cells are aligned with the Aquarian Constellation, realising the Natural Light of every ONE. Natural Light is the Light that belongs to ONE, the VOW. This Light is the Light Authorised to Live and Authorised to be materialised as the Aquarian Way. Natural Light responds to the Detail in VOW Sealed and therefore has the ability and Direction to come forth as Detailed Material Light. Light in VOW is Light of Nature, the Light that is seen as the Nakedness of a Detail, Nakedness of ONE.  

In aligning the Atoms and Cells, imprints that are not Natural and do not belong to the ONE VOW come up. Natural Light is Multiplied in Aligning the Cells and Atoms, therefore the Light which is not Natural can be felt and seen. The vibration or radiance of the not natural light is shown in matter and dissolves when Natural Light becomes more. Light in VOW given and Multiplied is Natural Light. Light in the Sun Ray given to the Detail, is Natural Light with the Direction of the Nature of VOW. This Light is the Radiance of the ONE, the ONE VOW materialising its Right.  

The Right of ONE VOW is the Authority to materialise a Detail within the Constitution of Aquarius and therefore within the Constellation of Aquarius. The Authority to materialise a detail is in Natural Light given. Every Ray given to VOW or IN VOW, is Light with the Full Authority IN VOW to realise the Direction in the Ray of Light. Realising the Direction is materialising the Light of the Ray in the Sealing of VOW and creating matter as Authorised Light IN Direction. Matter which is Authorised Light is Matter Full of Direction and Full of the ONE VOW.  

Authorised Material Light is Authorised to be a detail and to Live Righteous. Living Righteous as material Light gives the Detail in VOW the material Truth of ONE, of the Detail and Flame United. Authorised Light has the response ability to align with the Lines of LAW according to the Detail in VOW and to be the form of the Detail in the Blueprint designed. When Material Light has Authority, it Lives within the Sealing of VOW and is created within the ONE of VOW. Sealed Light has Authority and this Authority is in the fact that Light is Directed in the Sun Ray. In Direction is Authority to materialise and realise this Direction.  

Obedient Matter has Authority, it is IN the Direction of the VOW Alive. Authority realises the Nature of VOW, the Nature of ONE in Motion of Direction. Natural Light is Light in VOW Present and therefore always Sealed, always Naked in Truth. Natural Light is active in the Direction of the Sun Ray and Active in the alignment with Aquarian LAW, Constellation and Constitution. Living Matter is form of Natural Light. Living the Way of Aquarius is realising Natural Light and Living the Authority of Material Light. It is to Live the ONE in VOW Sealed and realise the Naked Radiance of the Detail in Light of Ray.  

Aquarian is the Way that is given to Cells and Atoms now. Material Light becomes MORE in the Multiplied Truth of ONE VOW and Action. Alignment with the Direction of the Deity of Aquarius is ongoing and Lives the Authority IN Hope. The Natural Authority Present in Wholeness.  


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