Sun Light is given in Rays and Directed as ONE Beam of Light to the Flames and Details upon Terra. All Details therefore receive ONE Direction and Live their Light within ONE Destiny. Every Ray though touches a Detail and Flame as ONE VOW, within the frequency and speed of Light Right for this Detail. Every Ray of the Sun is IN the Wholeness Directed but in a Detailed Way Radiating towards a VOW. Therefore a VOW materialises the Light of Sun in a Detail, ONE Ray of the Sun Lives in matter by the fact that it is realised in the frequency and speed of Light in VOW Present.  

ONE Beam of Sun Light touches the Wholeness of planet Terra, therefore the Wholeness of Terra is emphasised every time the Sun shines. In the Wholeness of Light in Sun the planet is touched and embraced, receiving the prints IN Direction to materialise Life as a Whole. Planet Terra is Living within the Solar System in the Oneness with planet Venus and in the Wholeness of the entire Solar System. The Wholeness of the Solar System functions in the alignment with the Sun. Every planet is aligned with the Direction of the Sun and receives Light to Live. The Wholeness of the System is of importance for Life upon planet Terra as it is for every other planet.  

The Dance of the Sun with the Moon of Terra brings the wholeness of the Solar System into the system of planet Terra, the body of planet Terra. Her Body is Whole in the Light of Sun and Directed to be this Whole. The Rays of the Sun touching the Details of Terra her body and touching the Details as the embodied VOWs upon Terra, bring Wholeness in every Detail. This means every Detail is given the Light and the imprint of being part of a Whole. Of Living Life in Wholeness with All. The Direction of the Sun therefore is not only directing The Way for a Detail, but in the Direction imprinting the Detail or VOW with the fact that it exists IN Wholeness. In doing so the Position for a VOW or Detail is given in the Direction.  

Realising The Way of All in ONE VOW and doing so in every VOW, makes The Way of Aquarius Alive in Details. The entire System of Details, the wholeness of Light in the Sun and in Life, materialises as the Aquarian Way given in the touch of the Sun. All of Terra receives the Beam of Sun Light, which is the United Light of All Rays. The Union of All Rays realises the Wholeness of Terra, the Wholeness of the Aquarian Constellation in the Flames of Terra. The Core of planet Terra is Awake in the Way of Aquarius and realises itself as the Ruby Way. This Way Lives in the Light of the Sun and Moon as ONE, it is The Way of Details in VOW. The Aquarian Way manifests the Destiny of Hope in every ONE, in every VOW. The Sun Directs to realise this Destiny and to realise this IN the Whole of Living Details.  

Planet Terra is in the Solar System a Detail receiving the Light of the Sun to realise her way, her Right and her Authority. Her Authority is in being the Altar of Life for many Flames of White Fire. This Authority Lives within the Position in the Whole of the Solar System. Terra realises herself as part of the System and as a Radiant Detail in the Whole, Directed by ONE Light.  

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