In this moment we are Gathered in the Order of Cosmos and we pulsate in the Pulse of the Cosmic Heartbeat. Gathered within the Order of Cosmos, in Cosmic Order means that we are Gathered in ONE Space.

We are Gathered as Humanity. We are Gathered as Beings living upon planet Terra or living within Cosmos. To Realise Life upon this planet as the Truth of her Core, as the Expression of her Inner most Being, in this gathering we are United as ONE Voice, we are United as ONE Core and we are United because there is Order. In Order we may Express and in Order we may Celebrate, in Order we may be Devoted.
The Devotion of Humanity is within this very moment Enlightened within the Aquarian Constellation and is given a Direction to Glorify ONE Name and Tone. Devotion of Human RACE is therefore at the threshold. It means that this Devotion is to be Revealed for a New Beginning. Being Devoted to the Aquarian Tone and to the Aquarian Age, to the Aquarian LAW and the Aquarian Principles is being Devoted to Create Future, to Create Eternity; to Create God’s Face. And God’s Face has many Facets. God’s Face is the Reality of Details. God’s Face is the Immaculate Truth of a Detailed Humanity Active in White Fire Order, Active in Truth.
Cosmic Order is Present within this Minute, within this Hour, within this Day. Cosmic Order Enlightens Sun, Moon, planet Terra, Venus and All of Solar System. Cosmic Order gives, so All Breathe, so All give, so All are Alive within ONE Wish, within ONE Tone, within ONE Voice, within ONE Core.
Realise that within this Hour, within this Day, you are Devoted to the Light of God, you are Devoted to the Wish Within. You are Devoted to the Pulse of Cosmic Heartbeat. This Heart Beats in you. This Pulse gives Life. This Pulse is a Pulsating Reality of the Order of Cosmos.
Within Cosmic Order you Create in Faith. Within Cosmic Order you fulfil the Destiny of this planet and the Destiny of being Human. You are Human within the Name of God, you are Human within the Wish of God. You are Human because you are upon planet Terra Alive. And you are Human because you Breathe, you Breathe the Power of the Spirit. You Breathe the Power of New Life. Within this Day Cosmic Order Enlightens you to Awaken the Reality of Core, to Awaken the Reality of Cosmic Order, to Awaken the Reality of Ordered Life. So the Beginning is Ordered and the Ending will be Ordered. Which means that All is Created Orderly and therefore Practically and Reality of Life is of the utmost Importance to Realise the Devotion of God. In God there is Reality of Tone. In God there is Reality of Wish. The Aquarian Age IS the Reality of God and Tone. And you as Humanity are the Creative ONE to Form this Age, to Form the Destiny of this Age. You are the Creative ONE Devoted to the Light within. So Be Devoted to Cosmic Order because this is the Devotion to your Inner Flame, to your Inner Heart, the Heart that Beats with Cosmic Heartbeat.
Realise that you are Humanity; Human in Unity. Realise thus that you are United, Unified with All of Life. And that you are United within Solar System in the Reality of Cosmos.
Bring Forth the Power of God in your very own Being. Bring Forth the Truth of your Wish in your very own Being. Bring Forth Faith in being Human, in being Creative. Listen to the Beat that Beats within. Listen to the Heart of Cosmos because within this is Order. Cosmic Order Greets you, Cosmic Order Meets you. So you Meet in the Gathering, the Gathering of Life that Gathers that Unites and that IS Unified in ONE Order, the Order of Cosmos, the Order of Maltese Cross, the Order of God’s Name.
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