Come Holy Kumara’s and bring Forth the Light, Come Forth and step into the Sun. Come Holy Kumara’s to raise up this planet to bring Forth the New that was given long ago. Come Forth in the Sun, Come Forth in us as Human Beings. Come Forth in the Promise that is given within Core. Core of Terra and Core of Human RACE aligned in the Union of our Solar System.

We are Gathered to Commune. We are Gathered to bring Forth ONE Light. This is the Light of Aquarius, it is the Light that makes Eternity Reality.
In the Promise of the White Fire Order, the Original Promise that Lives in ONE Religion, we are Gathered to Live ONE Way, to Live ONE Goal and to fulfil the Destiny of this planet. Planet Terra opens her Core and her Heart to Realise the Gift of Pearl within herself and to bring this Gift as Reflection to All of Humanity. In the Light of the Sun that gives a New Way and a New Purpose, the Reality of the Pearl in Sealing is the Promise within Humanity. And this Promise is given when the Holy Kumara’s set foot upon this planet. So Come Forth Kumara’s, Come Forth in the Light and Come Forth in the Promise of All Human Beings because All Human Beings are Able and Willing to Realise a New Way and to set foot upon this planet while Walking, while Talking, while Breathing and while Creating.
We Create upon this planet. We Create what is New. We Create within the Light that is given. Sun Directs and Moon and Pearl Reflect. Sun Directs and we Create within this Direction the Golden Eternity, the Golden Reality of Life.
As the Sun Shines upon us and as we Breathe the Air that is within us, we Realise the Portal of Eternity. We Realise the Opening of this Portal. We Realise the Gift of New Life. So Come Forth Human Beings, Come Forth and step into the Light. Come Forth in the Gift of Pearl, Come Forth in the Promise of Core. Bring this Core in Manifestation and make it Form, make it Reality. Give Expression to the Inner Wish of thy very own Being. In Union, in Communion, in a Gathering Life is Sacred. This Sacredness will Rise, it will Rise from the Core, it will Rise and bring Light into this Solar System.
Unite All of Human Beings. Unite All of Kumara’s. Unite All of you Elements. Unite and Breathe, Breathe ONE Tone, Breathe ONE Spirit, Breathe ONE Voice. Because in this Voice, in this Tone and in this Spirit, we are All Creative to Manifest a New World, a New Reality of Living. This is Life upon planet Terra. This is Life as seen in the Eye of Lady Venus. This is Life as seen in the Holy Gift of Kumara’s.
Touch the Earth (Maria stamped). Bring Forth your Voice. Touch the Earth (Maria stamped), bring Forth your Wish. Touch the Earth (Maria stamped), set foot upon this planet because it is given with Dignity. It is given in Worth. It is given in ONE Promise (Maria is stamping) Live, Breath, Create. Bring Forth the Gift that once is given and that will be given For Ever More in the Promise of Kumara’s, in the Promise of Beginning, in the Promise of the Original Religion.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

Het voelt als een Heilig moment. We staan op het veld waar we negen jaar geleden de Pearl ontvangen hebben om in de aarde haar reflectie te geven. We zijn nu weer hier (het Planken Wambuis in Ede) met de Winterzonnewende om de Zon te eren en mee te gaan in de richting en het verlangen om een nieuwe wereld te creëren; een nieuwe mensheid.

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