Within the Chalice of Terra’s Heart we pour out the Light, the Light of Saturn and Jupiter, the Light that comes within the Aquarian Constellation. We pour out our Beings, our Light, our Manifestation in Cosmos to Realise the Blissful Reality of our Union, of our Communion, in the Core, in the Heart of Terra.

Terra has Welcomed us. Sun has Welcomed us within the Constellation of Aquarius. The Constellation of Aquarius has Welcomed us to Be a Manifestation within this Solar System; the Manifestation of Union, the Manifestation of the Power that is given when Unification is fact.
The Unified State of the Elements and Elementals, the Unified State of the Heart of Terra and the Heart of Venus is Amplified and Emphasised in this moment. When we pour out our Light the Unification, the Truthful Unification is Emphasised, Enlightened and therefore may Awaken within Form, within Creation.
Venus and Terra are ONE in Heart. They are in Communion, they are Unified. Human and Nature may Unify in the Reality of the Promise, in the Reality of the Destiny that is Active in the Aquarian Constellation.
We touch Aquarius and Aquarius touches our Light, Aquarius touches our Unified State. Within this Unified State we bring forth the Light, we bring forth a Star. We Shine therefore within Cosmos and we Shine that what is Welcomed by Terra. We Shine, we give this Light what is Welcomed by Humanity. So open your Heart and open your Mind, Realise that a Gift is given, Realise that Future is a Unified Reality of Life. A Future in which Human and Nature are Unified, a Future in which four Elements or actually five Elements are Unified. A Future in which Form is Transformed into the Unified Reality that Life is in its Essence or in its Origin, when All Breathe from Origin, Unification is Fact, when All Breathe from Origin Communion is Reality.
The Aquarian Principles are Active in our Light and the Aquarian Principles are given into the Heart of Terra and into the Heart of Venus, into the Heart of Humanity and into the very Core of Nature.
Bring Forth thus the Unification. Bring Forth Future. Create and Breathe. Breathe the Original Beginning of this planet. Breathe the Original Beginning of Solar System. Breathe the Original Beginning and the Original Direction of our Sun.
Honour the Sunlight, Honour Direction and Obey the Reality that is given in the Order within this Solar System. When you Honour and when you Obey you will Create, you will Form and you will Multiply the Motion of Eternity. So HOME will Be Reality, so HOME will be the Gift created by your very own hands.
We pour out our Light in the Chalice of Terra her Heart. Be this Chalice as All of Humanity in Unification with Terra. Honour your planet. Honour your HOME. Honour the Altar of Life. Honour this so you Will BE the Detail in Manifestation, the Detail in Expression.
Our Promise is Unification in Reality. Our Promise is the Reality of our Light that is seen in Solar System. In One Night we are Bright and in One Day we are Bright as well. In the Truth of Day and Night we pour out our Light so ALL will Awaken in the Promise of Unification, in the Promise of Future, a Promise of Hope and of Bliss, a Promise of Gratitude, of Grace, a Promise of Mercy, a Promise of Peace and Harmony; A Promise in which Humanity will Form Life within thy very own Hands.
So Form Life because you Breathe Life. Form Life because you Promise Life, Detailed Life. You Promise Eternity. We give Unified Light, so you will be able to Form Eternity. So you will be able to Live the Aquarian Principles and make the Aquarian Destiny Reality.
Be Unified in this Day and Hour. Be Unified with the Heart of Terra. Be the Chalice so All we can give will Be Given. Unify thy Hearts, Unify thy Minds, Unify thy Beings because All Details will Rise in the Eternal Promise, in Eternal Hope, in Eternal Faith, in the Eternal Harmony of this Conjunction.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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