Maria: everyone can stand
Blessed be this Day to give Birth to the Light of Christ, to give Birth to the Sacred Matrimony that Life is in White Fire Order.
Blessed is this Day in the Union of Human and Nature, in the Union of North and South, East and West.
Blessed is this Day in the Realisation of ONE Destiny, of ONE Direction; the Realisation of ONE Motion that Lives in Human RACE.

Within Humanity, Human in Unity, is the Power to Create, the Power to Create within Christ Light. Creating within this Light is forming the Crystal Clarity of every Wish, of every Command in LAW. White Fire is Ordered so it is able to Obey and to Honour Command in LAW. Your Wish, your Heart is in Order, so it is able to Follow the Command of LAW.
You may Honour the Order, you may Honour Command. You may Obey the Order and you may Form the Command. Within Christ Being is the Reality to Obey and Honour LAW, to Form the Ordered Reality of the Origin.
This Day is Blessed with the Original Light, Blessed with the Ability of Christhood in which All of Humanity will Form Buddha hood; Buddha Nature. So Come Forth in the Light of Christmas, Come Forth in the Spirit of Christmas and Realise that this Day is a Blessing for ALL, a Blessing for the Wholeness of ONE RACE, for the Wholeness of Direction and Reflection, for the Wholeness of North and South Pole. Within this Wholeness we are Human. Within this Wholeness we are Creative. Within this Wholeness we Honour and Obey. Within this Whholeness Life is Ordered, Life is IN LAW and thus Life is Sealed as it is given in the Original Seed.
Maria: mag je allemaal even een buiging maken. Ik sta met mijn handen voor mijn hart, mag je even buigen. Waar het even om gaat in mijn gevoel is dat we onze kruin naar voren doen, dan ga ik weer verder.
Receive the Blessing. Receive the Light. Receive the Pulse of planet Terra. In Ruby Divine, in Emerald Mantle you are Christed to be Human to fulfil the Promise of Human Nature and to Realise the Bliss that Lives within this Blessing.

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