Full Moon is coming to tell us of Light, of spiritual Living and of Unite. Full Moon is Welcomed by Beat of our Heart, engaging in NEW Life, a Wonderful Start.

Spirit of Full Moon Enlightens our base to be Creative in Truth and to open our Cells for Motion of Breath. Atoms and Cells are active IN Breath to Welcome the Wish of INNER and to realise Motion of Life. Living in Age of Aquarius is Living in Promise of HOPE and realising a Colourful World. The Colour of Details, the Colours of White Fire, can be created in the Power of Spirit. Moon Reflects the Right to create and the Wish to Activate Atoms in Harmony.
This Harmony is in Nature her Action to serve Tone of Aquarius and to give Life within this Tone. Atoms Present in Harmony will form in Union with Spirit and will travel IN Spirit. Which means the Motion of Atoms is IN Spiritual Right of Life. This Right gives Motion to all and to everything. Within this Motion is the Ability and Reality of the upward Spiral and the downward Motion into Creative base. It is Truth of Caduceus that comes forth in Union with Spirit, in the Bliss of Harmonious Nature.
Welcome Moon, Welcome Reflection. To Order Life into Spiritual Truth and Inspired Creative Action.
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