Now Moon is Full and her Beauty Lives in the Rays of Sun and in the drops of water on Terra. This Beauty is the Power of Spirit Living IN Matter and Encouraging Life to move forward and upward in the Righteousness of Order and Government. All Life, all particles in Life, are Encouraged in Motion of Breath to come forth in Order and to bring the GOOD News of Loving Beauty.

Materialised Spirit is seen in Reflection of Moon, given to realise The Way of Ascension in the Aquarian Principles. Aquarius is Age to form Spirit and Matter as ONE Life, ONE Destiny and ONE Human. This Human is GOD. GOD in Action is Truth of Spirit and Matter combined, resonating within the Destiny given in Seed.

Full Moon Honours Rays of Sun and the Light of Aquarius in Sun. Full Moon brings Bliss to Human RACE in Honouring this RACE in its Essence. Act in Creative Ability of Love and form Beauty as the Spiritual Creation of Life in Eternal Motion, Motion that Awakens All. In this Motion is Truth of Ascension and the True Power of the physical. A physical body is to have a Spiritual body that Honours Matter and its Origin. In the Origin embedded, it Breathes Order and Truth to come forth as the GOOD Wish in ONE Age.

Written four hours after Full Moon

Copyright: Ascending All

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