Original Moon Shines Tonight to realise the Stars of Aquarius as ONE Constellation and ONE Direction. Directive Power Lives in the Fullness of Sun's Light, which is the Order of White Fire in Expression.

Original Moon brings Reflection of the Tone of Aquarius to make All move in the Motion of this Tone. Tone brings a Thrill and therefore Motion to all of Matter. Physical Truth of Moon is the Promise of Reflection. Reflection is Promised in the Right of Direction and the Right of Dignity. In Dignity, Reflection is Full and Clear, Worthy to show Light in the Fullness of GOD's Tone.

Being able to create, Being Human in Natural Ability, is Being Able to form the Beauty of Living. Beauty is in Reflection, Beauty is in fact that Moon Exists. Moon is Present to make All Life Beautiful and to give to All of Life the Right of Direction. Showing the Sunrays as ONE Way, Way of INNER CORE and Beginning, is the task of Moon. NEW Moon Welcomes Light of Aquarius, Right of GOD's Tone to Thrill in Matter. NEW Moon Reflects the Purpose of Living IN Direction, IN the Source of our Beginning. ONE Constellation Directs All Life as Communion. Which means All Life receives the Details of the Constellation and the Direction Present within this Communion. When Direction is IN Communion, its Reflection is Clear and Active to Enlighten All in the Principles of Eternity. Motion is forward and upward in Clear Reflection, in Active Moon that Shines for All.

Sun gives Light to Order Life in Original Beginning and Way. Sun gives Right to make All Details Act in the Principles of ONE Age.

Copyright: Ascending All

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