In the Beginning there was Light. In the Beginning there was Fire. In the Beginning there was Order. And in this Beginning is your Life. In this Beginning is your Breath. In this Beginning is the Existence of Cosmos.

Your Life is Lived within the Cosmic Order to Realise a Wish, a Wish in God’s Name. And within this Wish you Materialise the Flame of your Being, the Flame that is Promised to the ALL.
A Promise is given in Order, so when you Activate Cosmic Order, you are Activating the Promise of Life, a Promise that is given in Cosmos that is given on every planet that is given for you on planet Terra.
Activating the Promise is Activating Order and making the Reality of this Order Physical. It is in the Beginning that there is Order and in the Beginning is Light.
Because you focus upon the Reality of the Gift of Sun, you focus upon the Beginning of Order and the Beginning of Light. You focus upon the Beginning of Existence. And when there is Light, Life is possible. When there is Order, Life is possible. So Realise that in the Void there is a Beginning and that IN Beginning you start to Breathe. Because you Breathe you Live. Because you Breathe you can Materialise the Wish of God and God’s Being is therefore Present within the Beginning, within the Existence of Living.
Materialise the Cosmic Order as it is given in the Sun, as it is given in every Planet. Materialise this in the Creative Activity of your Wish and of your Being. And while you do so you Honour the Principles of Aquarius, you Honour the Beginning of this Age, to Form its Destiny. The Destiny of a Purposeful Life, the Destiny of a Golden Reality, the Destiny of an Ordered Natured ALL.
Begin to Breathe. Begin in Order. Begin in the Light of Sun to see the ALL.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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