Let us start by bringing our Gratitude to the Sun. Let us start by Aligning our Heart with the Direction of Sunlight, with the Motion of planet Terra and with the Reflection of Moon.

Breathe in and bring your Heartbeat in the Alignment of the Beat in Cosmos; the Beat of Cosmic Order.
Bring forth the Tone that Resonates and Lives within Human RACE, within your Being.
BE a Human. Be a Human Full of Grace, to show the Sun its Gratitude, its Beauty.
Come forth in the Light of Direction and Honour therefore the Reflection of Moon.
Bring Joy to the Moon for she gives us Light. Bring Joy to the Moon because she gives us Life. In Oneness with Sun and in the Order that they bring Eternal Life is a fact, Eternal Life for us as Human Beings, Eternal Life for planet Terra.
The fact that we can Live Eternal, the fact that we can Create Eternity is a Joyful Fact, is a True Fact. In the Reflection of Moon we have been given the Light of the Sun. In the Reflection of Moon we now choose to follow the Light of Mercurius, we follow the Righteousness of this planet, which means we Follow and Honour the Right use of Light that is given upon this planet.
We are Curious because we want to get to know Mercurius. We are full of Joy to meet with this planet and to Realise the Communion that Lives within this Cosmos that Lives within Solar System.
We Welcome the Light of Mercurius and we Welcome the Light that is Reflected in Moon. We Welcome the Motion, the Spinning of planet Terra because within her Spinning is the Communion with All planets in Solar System.
To Realise her Spinning is to Manifest the Truth within your own Spine, to Manifest your Gratitude within your Breath, to Manifest the Joy of Living within your Heart.
Meet thus Mercurius. See that the Moon Reflects and brings us the Gift, the Gift of this planet, the Gift that Lives within Core. Core is Reflected by Moon, the Core of Mercurius.
So let us Celebrate the Fact that we are Creative and that in being Creative we may be Curious, we may ask Questions, we may Learn because Learning is the Fullness of our Creative Ability. Learning gives us the Truth of our Detail. When we Learn we Grow. When we Learn we Awaken. When we Learn we become Aware.
Come Forth within the Reflection of the Core. Come Forth within the Reflection of the planet that we Invite to See that we Invite to Meet. Realise that the Space, the Space of Cosmic Order is an Order in which Motion is Present, the Motion in which Expansion is given. So Expand within the Light of Cosmos, Expand within the Light of Sun and Moon. Expand within the Joy of Mercury. Expand within the Truth of Being Human. Expand within the Grace of God. God’s Grace is Human. God’s Grace is Reflection. God’s Grace is Direction. God’s Grace is Fact in ONE Order, the Order of Cosmos. Welcome this Order. Let’s Beat your Heart within Order, the Order of Cosmos.
Smile because Mercury is here. Smile, Learn and be Curious.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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