We are United in the Light of ONE Sun. We are United in the Direction of this Light. We are United and we Move forward and upward in the Motion that is given by Sun and Moon, the Motion that brings Reality of Eternity.

In the Fullness of Moon we Receive the Glorious Tone of Eternity and we Receive the Presence of Mercury, a planet that is nearby. It is nearby because it is the Collection of our Detailed Identity. It is the Realisation of our Detailed Human Being. As ONE Human or as ONE RACE we Live within the Direction of Sun and we Grow within the Reflection of Moon.
Now Fullness of Moon give Reflection of Mercury, we Grow within the Presence of Mercury. We Grow in the Light of his Core.
From Core to Core we can Unite with Mercury. We Unite with the Reflection of Moon and the Direction of Sun. We Realise Ourselves within the Order of Cosmos and therefore we are able to Align with this Order
Connected, United and Aligned Human RACE Awakens. Human RACE Awakens in the Aquarian Reign and the Aquarian Direction. Human RACE Awakens to hear the Tone of Aquarius.
Manifest thus the Detailed Creation that is Eternal which is possible within the Presence of Mercury. A Detailed Creation is given in the Presence of Mercury, in the Light of its Core. And a Detailed Creation is always Eternal. The Eternal Manifestation that we Receive in the Presence of Sun and Moon.
So bring Forth the Natural Reality, the Natural Creativity and the Natural Habitat of Human RACE. It is a Habitat in which Details Blossom and Bloom, in which Details Grow.
Receive the Light, the Promise, the Destiny and Core of Mercury. Receive it in the Full Reflection of our very own Moon. Receive it in the Proudness of Terra because she Receives the Reflection and Direction of Moon and of Sun. Live upon Terra as Human RACE, Embrace the Glory of Aquarius and its Tone. Embrace that Future is Present for Details are here.
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