Awaken thy Human, Awaken thy Heart!

Awaken in Conscious understanding of the Detailed Living Truth of Motion of Eternity to realise the Creation in Wonderful Colours and splendid Nature. Natural Act of Human Race is to Create and be creative. Creativity in the Natural Light of VOW, realises the materialisation of White Fire and brings forth the Eternal Motion of this Fire.  

The Motion of the Fire is Active because it is Fire and Deity who are ONE and United. In the Union of Fire and Deity Awakening gives its Light. When Human Race Awakens, they Awaken in the fact that as a Detail and as Race they are United with White Fire. When the I Awakens in being a Detail, it Awakens in having the response ability to Multiply White Fire. This response ability is in VOW Sealed and appointed to a certain Detail of White Fire. The Motion of the Detail and White Fire is the Life of VOW, an Eternal Life in Natural Light.  

Awakening therefore makes the I see Eternity and makes the I realise the Motion of Eternity in the Detailed Truth of the VOW. When the I sees, it will connect to the EYE of the Deity and realise the wholeness of Light and Life. Realising the wholeness is realising the Natural Motion of White Fire, whereby the Natural Motion of Light is realised. Creativity is the Action materialising the Motion of Light, meaning it is materialising Eternity. Materialising Eternity is creating Eternal Life. Eternal Life can only be created in an Awake State, in the State of Natural Motion.  

Natural Motion is Motion of White Fire and Deity as ONE. Every VOW has this Motion IN itself in the fact that the Flame (a facet of White Fire) is ONE with the Detail (Deity). Every VOW is in itself the Perfection of the Union of Deity and White Fire and receives therefore Light in Motion which is the Nature of the Detail. The Detail has in this Nature the ability to respond to Whole Life, connect to Whole Life and realise its facet as matter. Matter is Divine in the Natural Motion, Matter is Divine in the Natural Light of VOW.  

Awakening opens up the Creativity of the Detail, because it makes the I see the Motion of Fire and Deity as ONE. Awakening gives the Opportunity to Live the Natural Union or ONE of White Fire and Detail. Awakening realises the opportunity to create Light IN VOW and materialise the Multiplied White Fire its Reality. Sealed is the Union of White Fire and Deity in Awakening. In Awake State the Light of Nature is in Motion and therefore realising a creation of Wonders and Brightness.  

Awaken in the Light of the Moon and receive the Direction of the Sun Light which makes Light IN Motion Alive to BE the Direction of Details.  

April 18 2015: New Moon at 20.59. Written at 20.55 

Copyright: Ascending ALL 

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