Gold is The Way of Equal Creation, realising the Immaculate State of the Detail in Awake Actions.

An Awake Action is Creative, Inspired by Spirit and aligned with the LAW. In the Psyche which is Harmonious, Living as the Golden Standard, The Way is walked and materialised. The Way is the Way of Ruby, but this Way is Golden in its manifestation. The Acts upon Ruby Way, which are Acts in Wholeness of Love, create Gold because they are given from the Wholeness IN Psyche. This is the Wholeness in which a True Wish comes forth and can be materialised.  

A True Wish creates the Dome of the Wish, which is the Embracing reality of Wisdom. Therefore the creation shines Golden as an Embracing Equal and Harmonious environment realised by the Inner Truth of Love out of which the Wish comes. Materialising the Wishes of the Inner Truth of Love, is materialising the Ruby Way IN the Golden Act. A Golden Act is the Awake Act, it is the Fullness of Being Awake and Living the Awake State. Creativity IS in the Awake State, which means that Creativity materialises the Immaculate State of one’s Detail. VOW is Created as The Way of Ruby and Gold in Union.  

Creativity is Real in the Union of matter and Spirit. A Creative Act materialises the Inspiration of Spirit within the Equality of Spirit and Matter, or the Union of Spirit and Matter. Within the Mother Principles of the Aquarian Age the Inspiration materialises within the lines of the Blueprint and according to the Command of LAW. When LAW Commands to Live it says to Create and materialise the Detail IN VOW. This Detail Lives in its materialisation, therefore the LAW Commands to be Creative IN Spirit. Only IN Spirit the Detail truly Lives as matter, as the Equal Matter that is to be Holy Spirit. In Holy Spirit the details form a Union within the Golden standard, whereby the Golden Creation or Way is fact as matter.  

Divine Matter is Ruby Way IN Gold created. It is Ruby Way created IN the Golden Standard and its Actions, the Act within Equality of Light and Life. The Equality of Light and Life realises Love, or rather, materialises the Wish to Love. Meaning that IN Equality the Wish to Love materialises as Wish Dome, the Wisdom of Creator its Intent. In the Moon of Awakening the Golden Standard is touched to Awaken, in order to Awaken in True Creativity, aligned with LAW and Blueprint. Life is created Whole in Awake State and Immaculate in the Inspired Being of ONE VOW.  

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