Going to Africa is going into the Natural Light of your Being, connecting to Life in the Wholeness of All Detailed Lights.

To meet the Power and Natural Light of Africa is to meet the Inner Source of Wealth and realising the True Meaning of Gold. The Meaning of Gold is the Purpose of Gold, which is the Purpose of Wisdom. Being Wise is acting in the Natural Light of VOW in order to create Destiny. The Purpose of Gold is to create Destiny, to enlighten Destiny.

Gold is Wisdom and IN Wisdom the Acts are Alive in the Wholeness of Life and therefore Natural. An Act knowing of Brotherhood, is always an Act of Mercy. It is always an Act that is Wise in realising the Wholeness of Life, Sealed in Gold and Sealed in Nature. The Inner Source of Wealth is Equality. True Equality creates Gold in its full Nature. Meaning that Destiny is created in Fullness in Equality.  

Africa invites you, your Natural Light invites you. It invites to Awaken in the Destiny of the Whole, to Awaken in Gold. The Natural Light of VOW invites you to Awaken in its Purpose and its Goal. Being Awake in the Nature of VOW is the key to Live Equal and create the Golden Truth of Union, Alive in Brotherhood.  

Be Wise in the Awake State and realise the Immaculate Light of the VOW as the Natural Living Being IN VOW Sealed and Destined. Meet with the Lion, meet with the Bear and see Flames on the Altar aligned in ONE Way IN Destiny.

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