The weaving of United Patterns is given by the Light of Africa and the Light of Europe.

The Union of these two continents reveals a new pattern for Life. This pattern is Wise, this pattern is profound and resolute. Within the revelation of the alignment of Africa and Europe, the Spirit of Africa Awakens and the Spirit of Europe Resurrects. Africa and Europe have opportunity to Live the NEW Life in the Light that streams in the Patterns of United Continents.  

To weave the Union of the two continents is a profound task, an honourable task that must be given with Full Attention and Joy. The Joy is in the fact that two continents share their Detailed Quality and are merging their Future. It is in the Promise of Revelation that these two continents Unite and bring forth the NEW Life patters, the NEW Order IN Hierarchy. Within this Order is the Living Creation of the Rhythm of Aquarius. The Union of the Spirits of Africa and Europe is a Union which will have great impact in the world as a Whole.  

Union of Spirits brings acceleration of the Detail and it gives the Opportunity to create the Inner Wish in a Motion that has the Speed of Light. At this moment the Speed of Light that is Authorised to Live, is the Speed of Aquarian Light. Meaning that because of the Union of Spirits, the Aquarian Light is released. This Light is released within the Sound of Aquarius. When the Centaurs blow the Horn, the Light of Aquarius is touched in Cosmos, realising the Constellation of Aquarius in Detailed way. The Constellation of Aquarius is empowered to Live and is given more of its Order and Authority.  

The ONE Centaur who carries the Horn is authorised to call upon the Light of Aquarius within the Union of Europe and Africa. It is a Union foretold in prophecies and the Centaur Community is prepared for the Release of Aquarian Sound calling forth the Speed of Aquarian Light. It means that as from today the Constellation of Aquarius is more intense, more bright and more detailed IN Order. The Constellation of Aquarius is activated in the Awakening of the Spirit of Africa and the Resurrection of the Spirit of Europe.  

Africa and Europe will start to dance the Dance of White Fire once the weaving of their United Pattern and therefore Future is fulfilled. The weaving has started and the Aquarian Horn Sounds in the Himalayas to Direct the Light of Aquarius in Cosmos and Awaken the Constellation IN Authority. Gather thy Light and gather thy Colour, Welcome the Union of Africa and Europe. The European Union is MORE, because Brother Africa is Awake and has joined. The African Rhythm is MORE, because Europe gives its Northern Truth to it.  

Experience the Joy tonight and have Attention to Unite two continents in ONE Future. 

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