Details Come forth in Awakening Moon, spinning their Axis to Blossom in Right.

Righteousness in every Detail is the Motion of Sun and Moon as ONE. Motion means Life. The Well in Africa is the Motion of Matter, it is the realisation for matter to be Life. Details born in matter as a Male or Female, express themselves in ONE Motion. In the Union of White Fire and Well this Motion is Life and therefore Matter is Alive.  

The Bliss of Matter is in the fact that Details can materialise by the existence of Matter and thereby have opportunity to Honour All in ONE Motion. The ONE Motion of Life is in Well. All Details are in ONE Motion Alive and Life. The form of the Detail comes to pass in the Spinning reality of the Axis of the Detail, which is the Core of the Detail. The Core is White Fire. In Union with Well this Core is IN Motion, it is Spinning. White Fire Spins and therefore materialises as a certain form, a Detailed material form. The Bliss of Matter is the fact that a Detailed form is born.  

Male and Female are ONE in the Motion of the Detail, which means Male and Female are ONE in the Union Well and White Fire. A VOW is the ONE of Male and Female, VOW defines the form of the Detail and therefore also its rotating motion of the Axis of VOW. In the Human Body the axis is in Spine. ONE VOW has ONE Axis, meaning that a Male and Female have ONE Spine. The Spine is the Core in Motion of Well, it is the Union of White Fire and Well. Physical Spine is in VOW Right, Righteous. The Core IN Motion is Righteousness of the Detail, of the Living Reality of Male and Female.  

This Living Reality is the way Energy is used. Using Energy in Right is Righteousness of the Detail. ONE VOW is the Oath to materialise a detail within the Motion of Well. Without the Motion of Well materialising a Detail of White Fire is not possible. In VOW the Union of White Fire and Well is the Glory of Life, and at the same time the Bliss of Life. Materialising VOW, creating Wholeness as a detail, is the Bliss of Matter or the Bliss of Being IN Matter. Being IN Matter is Being IN Motion. Because of this Motion the Detail IS Life, therefore MORE than only White Fire.  

Multiplying White Fire is done by the Motion of Well. Fire becomes MORE by Water. The True and Righteous ONE of Male and Female is the Righteousness of Fire and Water, the Right use of Energy in Fire and Water. Bliss of Matter is the Blessing of Life, the Sacredness of Life. Life is Sacred when created Whole, created from the Well and White Fire in Union. To Honour White Fire in All, is to Honour the ONE Motion of every Detail. Obeying the Motion of Sun and Moon, is Obeying the Motion of Well and realising the Destiny of every Detail in being HOME. Every Detail is Destined to Live the Bliss of Matter or BE the Bliss of Matter itself in the form of Nature.  

Bliss of Nature comes forth because Details Awaken in the Motion of the Well of Life and are consciously Blossoming from the Core.  

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