Conscious Creation is aware of the fact that it gives form to the Detail in VOW Promised.

Every Detail is Promised in VOW to Matter, Promised to Mother. In the Promise to Mother is the Realisation that Matter will manifest the form of Promise, Matter WILL BE Living Promise. Living Promise is Details in Union in Matter, which means Matter itself is the Union and is the Place where Union comes to pass.  

Material Right to Live is the right to abide in Space which is the place to Unite and the place to Live the Detailed Colour and Motion. The Motion of Details are Promised to Mother, Promised to Life as a Whole. Mother is Life as a Whole, she is the Whole form of Seed and she is the Wholeness of Details. Material Right Expresses the VOW in the Union of Details and shows Life as the Rainbow of Aquarius.  

The Aquarian Right to Live VOW is the Right use of Energy IN Matter. It is therefore of the utmost importance that Matter is Motion and Honours the gift of Life given to her by Sun and Moon. The Motion of Sun and Moon realises Space in Matter, realises growth of Details in Matter. Matter itself is The Way of Ruby, The Way to see the Clarity of Life in form. Clear Life is the Detailed Clarity existing in VOW, existing in the Promise.  

It is Promised to Mother that she is Clear, that she gives rise to Details and that she gives Life as form to the Eternal Motion of Light. The Motion of Well is the Motion for Matter to realise form in Colour and Sound, form in Loving Details. The awareness of Matter gives rise to the Details, the awareness of Matter Well comes the Flames in VOW Sealed. Every Flame Lives IN Right, because this is Promised. Every Flame is the Action of VOW in the Righteousness of Matter itself.  

Celebration of Community is done in Right use of Energy, in Right to Live Promise. This Right is Matter, the existence of Matter. The existence of Mother is the Right to Live Promise, which is the Right to Love. Living Promise is Materialisation of Love in Detailed form. The Right to Love and to be Loved is accelerated when Matter is in Motion and well comes the Deity of Aquarius to show its Colours.  

The Promise is to be IN Matter, to Live IN Right. The Promise comes forth in the Motion IN Matter, shown by the Act to Honour and Obey the Rays in the Sun and the Order in Moon. The Promise to Matter is Activated, the Promise as Matter is coming forth in the Order Awakening in Matter its Right use of Light in Sun and Moon.  

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