NEW Moon at 16.08. Written at 16.10.  

Fire of Justice Lives in the Moon to open the Gate of Aquarius in the Body of man, woman and child.

This is the Gate pouring out Light to realise the Motion and Sound of Aquarius. In Justice the Details are IN Gate Equal, Worthy. In this Worth is the Activation of the Detail in a VOW. Within VOW a Detail can Act on Earth and has Authority. Which means that Fire of Justice brings Authority to Details and makes Actions Right and Righteous.  

In order to create the Aquarian Principles, Righteous Actions are needed. In the Gate of Aquarius is the Union of Details fact. Every Detail Living upon Terra needs to pass the Gate of Aquarius. Passing this Gate is starting the Union of Details and Authorising the Detail to Act in Aquarius. Justice is given in the Aquarian Principles, within the Aquarian Sound and within the Destiny of Terra to realise Ruby. Fire of Justice makes Aquarius Alive in detailed form. No Detail can Act, if Justice is not given. No Detail is Authorised within the Principles of Aquarius, if Justice is not Active itself.  

The Fire of Justice specifically belongs as a Detail to the base of the Aquarian Principles. It is a basic Principle to have the Aquarian Age unfold as matter and to show a creation of Colours. Beauty of the Details comes to pass, when Details are IN Justice Active. The Authority of a Detail upon planet Earth is in VOW. Therefore it is VOW that receives the Fire of Justice. The Detail IN VOW, abides IN Justice to be able to Act from the Right to Create.  

This Right to Create is a Right for every VOW. The Right to create is the Right to Love. Loving actions are Just, Loving Actions are Actions within the Authority of VOW given. The Righteousness of Actions done by a Detail, is the Righteousness of being IN Justice. The Gate of Aquarius is open because the Detail Justice can give of his Fire and comes forth in the Reflection of Moon.  

Moon Honours the Motion of the Aquarian Truth. Moon Honours the Motion of Sun Light and lives its orbit of Justice, of Truth, of Loving Righteousness in every Reflecting Act.  

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