Living Direction is the realised manifestation of Details in Union.

United Details in Communion Alive, are the Naked Creation. This creation is formed in the Clear Direction Obeying the Sun Ray and Honouring the Wholeness of Life. In Sun Ray is Wholeness of Life a fact and imprinted, meaning that when the Ray touches the VOW, the VOW is given the awareness and consciousness of Wholeness. Life created as a Whole, shows the Details IN Union and realises Communion.  

Communion is the Oneness of Spirit and Matter, which can be seen as the Oneness of the Details and Matter. Therefore, Wholeness Lives in Communion. Rays of Sun touch the surface of the planet and the skin of the human body. But this touch penetrates the current creation and realises itself because of the Justice of Moon. In the Oneness of Sun and Moon the direction is formed. Because of the Fire of Justice given in matter, Sun Ray penetrates the skin and surface, whereby the entire body of both human and planet is able to form the Direction in Rays.  

All Rays are in Light of Sun United. All Rays are in Sun in Communion. The material manifestation of this Wholeness of Sun or Wholeness of Light, manifests in the Direction Present IN every Ray. It is Present as the Motion of the Ray, the entire reasons why a Ray can touch the skin of Earth in Human and planet. Motion of Light because of Direction, makes the Rays of Sun touch the physical creation. The Rays itself are physical Light, because they are IN Direction.  

Materialising Details IN Sun Rays is materialising the Wholeness of Life existing within a Detail. The vastness of Life is in every Detail. Therefore when ONE Detail manifests itself, All Details are MORE. Creating Detailed form is creating the vastness of Life with Directed Light. Directed Light as form is Living Direction. IN Living Direction the Details are United and created as United form. This is the form Present in the vastness of Life or as the vastness of Life. One single form of a Detail can show the vastness of Life and thereby makes the Details in this vastness All MORE.  

Details can make Details MORE, because they are United in the Whole. Life is always a Wholeness of Details, because Life is Life when Detailed. Only in the Connection of Details, the Union of Details, a Detail IS Detail. Only in Communion of Details, a Detail is Worthiness of Detailed Light and form. IN Direction of the Sun and in the Justice of Moon is the realisation of materialising Details in Right. This means Details are materialised in the Wholeness of Life, in the Spirit Matter Wholeness Life IS.  

Rays of Sun are Motion, because of the Directive Power in Sun. This Directive Power comes from the Wholeness of Sun. Whole Life is Directed by the Rays in Sun, by Sun as Life giving Power. Whole Life therefore manifests as form when there is acted upon this Direction. Whole Life is Details IN Communion, meaning that Healing makes Way for Communion of Details IN Direction.  

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