16.00. New Moon of Witness is 18.48.  

Witnessing Communion is done in the Faith of the Spiralling Identity Living in Spine.

Spiralling Identity is the Living Expression of the Dance of Cosmos, given in Sun and Moon and in every Whole Ray in Matter. Living a Ray of Sun is being able to Commune in the highest potential of Creativity.  

The purpose of Communing is to Create according to the Wish of the Whole, of All. In Communion Creativity rises to the potential of the Identity in Promise, which is the Identity in one Ray. ONE Ray serves the Light of Sun and Moon, it serves Eternity. Creative Power in Communion is able to realise Eternity as material manifestation. Witnessing Communion is the First and foremost Act given, to create the Eternal Path of Ascending Life.  

Spiralling Identity in Spine Present, is the Identity able to respond IN Communion, which means this Identity is able to Witness. The Power to Witness is in the Wish to Create Wholeness and the Wish to create the Eternal destiny of Life. Identity Wishing to create is Identity Wishing to Love. IN Communion Love is True and Whole. Witnessing Communion is the privilege of being Creator in ONE Ray, it is the privilege of Creating a Detail.  

Moon and Sun are shifting to the Radiance of their Flame of Eternity. This Radiance shows Life in its Perfection. Perfection of Life is the destiny. Destiny of the Light is to realise Future in the everlasting Principle of the Promise. Promise is in every Creator, in every Creative Action. Promise is the Wholeness of All Creators in Communion. Being able to Witness Communion of Creator is being able to Live the wholeness of Life in the Ray of Sun which is Identified as YOU.  

YOU are Creator Witnessing Eternity becoming the Future in Communion. YOU are Creative and YOU Live Communion. The Faith of the Identity is in Spine Active, whereby the platform of Faith is created within the body. Body Lives Eternal in Faith and Loves Eternal in the Truth of Being Witness in Communion Ray.  

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