Whenever we release a teaching on planet earth, we calculate and see what is the best way to give these teachings. This means that we have options and that the spoken Word in the form of dictations is not the only option to spread our knowledge, our gnosis. It is sometimes even better to not give teachings in this way, but to formulate and release it through conversations or daily life experiences of the people involved. What does this mean? This means that when we work with certain people, we will choose each time what can be the highest potential for that very moment to release a teaching. Therefore, we will never do the same in the sense that what we give is not carved in stone. Every situation, every human, asks for a different approach. Thus depending on the event, on the consciousness that is gathered, we choose our way of releasing what we want to release and what can be released in alignment with the choices of humanity as a whole and the choices of the individual(s) we are working with.

In this specific organization, or community as we like to call it, we use various ways of releasing teachings. We have often used this messenger who is releasing this words in the physical, but we also use certain techniques that are of great value to teach. Techniques as meditation, visualization, exercises to experience your Higher Self and to be in touch with your inner voice. And mostly, in this specific community, we use the way of natural discussion or sharing to release our gnosis. How do we do this?

Well, by releasing to the ones involved, what we can release in his or her consciousness at the very moment a meeting of two or more persons is present. This means, that whenever there are two or more gathered in the name of God, we can release what we will. And this can be so, because the individuals choose to be our students, to be open and awake and to function as forerunners on planet earth. Yes, these community are our students. Which means that we have a dedicated group of people through whom and with whom we can work. For several years now we do so and we have had great successes, to be honest. All of them have been receiving certain training to fulfill the role of being a personal student of a personal master, and in being and doing so, they can teach and express specific qualities.

All individuals are able to work with us, because they use their free will to do so, because they find Joy in this and because this is written in their hearts. They really are dedicating their lives to the raising of planet earth and humanity and therefore they are true servants. Mostly because it is not always easy to bring a certain teaching, or new knowledge to the surface of the consciousness of humanity. Especially when we consider the fact that the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness in The Netherlands is quite strong.

Thus, to be conclusive: we sponsor this community and we sponsor individuals from this community. Only because we are given the opportunity to release teachings that will help – and are currently helping – to transcend the consciousness of humanity, that will help to expose antichrist in all forms that we can find it in daily life. We work with this community because they are willing, always, to serve as the open doors and to be forerunners. To go where the new path can be carved, to go without knowing what it entails, where it will lead to. When you take a closer look, you will find courage between the so called walls of this community’s home. You will see love and understanding for each other’s life and perspective. You will find equality and co operation. But most of all, you will find humility. And this is the true key to being a student. For this is the key to be teachable and to be able to experiment with us, in oneness with us. To experiment what can be given and to experiment in what ways it can be released.

All the things that we see in this community, we see it as worthy of the Aquarian Age. And this is also the reason that The Invitation is sponsored by several Masters of the Ascending Masters. And up until this day, this has been multiplied many times now. Thus, when you want to learn, when you want to be teached by us in a way where you will be seen as equal to your teachers, ascended or unascended, you will find this in The Invitation that is given by this community.

BE who you will BE, BE the forerunner in this specific day and age. Embrace Life and help it in becoming MORE Pure over and over and over again.

Thanks for your contribution!