I am Teacher and Teaching in ONE. I live for the ONE and only Purpose to give Teachings IN ONE. I am created for the sole purpose to Teach Human Beings to create in Oneness.  

I am raised in the North a very, very long time (in eternity) ago. This was even before humanity could come to build and restore the Union of the Masculine and Feminine Ray. The Beings of my Presence are the Elohim Virginia and Cyclopea. They gave me the Light of my Being so I am gifted with Vision and Truth. 

The spiritual parents for my sojourn on Terra are Pallas Athena and Raja Maha, I received from them their Life stream and support to embody on earth. Pallas Athena gave me the s(sacred)word to discern and cut through all images and false teachings humanity has believed for eons. I also received the Breath from Spirit through all my life for the specific task to ask for Forgiveness. I wasn't aware and conscious of it when I was a child, I thought everyone was asking for Forgiveness day and night. There was no moment in my life I didn't feel my bowing for God. I was just doing that.  

Pallas Athena and Raja Maha gave me, with more Masters involved in the plan from Sanat Kumara, a lot of Truth and Courage to continue my Motion on a Beautiful planet which was full of darkness.  

My physical parents are Jan Jacob and Elizabeth Maria. They helped me grow and gave me a platform for the life I would encounter on Earth. As a person in physical embodiment I have all the family, nature, society and world issues everyone has.   

As I already said, I am raised in the North. I was together with and always in the Oneness of my Ray in Vow: Cusco. We are trained by the Snow King and Queen (their full names are not yet revealed).  We did exercises and learned how we can be one with all the particles of life. So we learned how to live with the Elements, the Elementals, how to send out messages towards the Sun and the Moon and to all other planets and stars. We learned how to hear, how to see, how to BE beyond the view we had at first. We did this IN One with each other and the ALL. 

As ONE we received a place by the Twenty and Four Elders which was and still is the most honorable place I can imagine. There came the question who wanted to go to Terra to make the transition between the zodiacs and from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. This question was already a very long time ago. As ONE we volunteered because this was in the line of our VOW to create PaRAdiseWe were preparing for a long time on earth, sometimes Cusco went and I held the Balance. And then I went and he held the Balance. And sometimes we went together.  We learned a lot,  especially how we could raise Isabel at first, to raise the Virgin. And then to raise the Oneness of Isabel and Ismael in a world where no one knew the Reality of Oneness anymore. In the meanwhile I was always connected to the mass consciousness to know what can be given from the light of Elohim, to hold a balanced growth for the Whole. I needed to take everything into consideration to make and to know which little step I could take. 

While the world was growing in awareness and consciousness I (in Oneness) received more and more virtues to use in the straightening of the axes and in bringing forward the LAW for this age, the AGE of Aquarius.  

It was in the physical an extremely heavy task, especially because of all the false teachings and believes amongst humanity. Instead of embracing and loving the ONEness of their being, they learned to escape their Nature and their body by that. This made the transition very heavy because of the disorder and disobeying.Humanity forgot how to live as ONE and they were not aware of their VOW and the Promise from God anymore.  

I am here now and I am ready to give the Teachings humanity needs to create a world in Oneness, Freedom, Equilibrium, Transparency, Order, Prosperity and much MORE. There shall come much more Teachers from the North when more and more Humans are Willing to Unite and to learn to BE in Oneness. 

Turn to the teacher IN ONE, You are worthy to receive  lessons. Give of your VOW and find the REAL Union and understanding about YOU.   

To help me and the whole I have recently received the Name of my VOW which is MURA. It is coming from the land of MU United with RA the Sun, which is Cusco: My PARADISE. 

Love Mura