Masters giving their Flames to the evolution of planet Terra have been known under the name The Great White Brotherhood. This name refers to the fact that they Honour White Fire and that their Goal is to raise White Fire. Raising White Fire is done by giving messages to Human Race, by inspiring them and by Teaching them. In so doing, the evolution has taken place and life on planet Terra could make a shift. This shift is a shift in consciousness, whereby Human Race as a whole changes the goal in living.  

The shift in consciousness is the forward motion of Eternity. In the Motion of Eternity the Masters in Ascending have grown themselves, while their Fire and Detailed Flames were given to serve Human Race and planet Terra. Planet Terra has shifted her consciousness, her axes, because she has chosen to Live Eternal and Obey the Motion of Eternity. This Motion has grown in the fact that awareness has risen in the world, risen within Human Race. Where awareness rises, Eternity can move. Which means that Ascending Masters can realise the Motion of Eternity in the material light of their beings, when awareness is present in matter.  

The Motion of Eternity gives changes, constant changes, which means growth. Growth is more than evolution, it is Revolution. Whenever a Detail grows because it is rising its awareness, a revolution takes place. Within the Power of Revolution the Great White Brotherhood has grown and has shifted in consciousness and Purpose. The Purpose is still to make White Fire more, but it is not done in the way it has been done before. The Masters of the Brotherhood have chosen to Obey Eternity and Live the Direction of the Aquarian Age, which is the START of a NEW Wheel of the Zodiac Signs. In realising the Motion of this Wheel, they serve to give a boost to the Sign Aquarius which is the first Sign of the Wheel. This boost of Fire realises the Motion within the whole Wheel and makes time continue within the Speed of Eternity.  

In the Speed of Eternity Life is always revolutionary and White Fire always Present. The Presence of White Fire Lives in the fact that awareness has risen. With the aware consciousness in Human Race, the identity of the Brotherhood changed. The name changed as well. Today in this day and in this moment of evolution and revolution, the name serves the fact that the Masters in Ascending serve the entire Wheel of the Zodiac by enlightening the Principles of the Aquarian Age. They give Fire to the fact that Aquarius is the base for a new way of Living, within all the Signs that will follow in the Wheel. This new way of Living, is a new way of Loving.  

The Brotherhood Lives the new way of Loving, which is expressed in their name. The name will move with the Motion of Eternity, with the Principles Active in Eternity. The Authority in the Motion of Eternity is Aquarius at this moment. Therefore the Great White Brotherhood is now a Brotherhood serving the Aquarian Light to come forth. The Name Aquarian Council represents the Authority of Aquarius, which is the Authority to bring a safe and strong base to the entire Motion of Eternity. This base is realised in the Fire of Freedom, the Fire that burns on the Altar of Brotherhood.  

Brotherhood Lives in Aquarius as a Detail that will be materialized as matter that lives Eternal. Therefore the Masters are present in matter, in Eternity. All Life Ascends with them in the Fire of Freedom, All Life is Honoured upon the Altar of Brotherhood. Ascension is a material Reality in the Age of Aquarius, given to Details in White Fire. White Fire Lives as the Colours of Aquarius and the Aquarian Council serves and Honours this Fire in All.  

Welcome to Brotherhood in the Aquarian Age, Alive in Eternal Motion!