This Sunday morning we had a meeting, we did some decrees, we spoke about the direction of the Sun and the Moon of Hope. Then we went upstairs for a meditation.

We sat in the form of two half circles with our backs towards each other. The men were with Mura -as Sirius- in one of the half circles, the Sun and the women in the other half circle were the Moon. The men held their hands on their knees and the women held their hands on their belly. 

Mura guided the meditation:

So breathe in and breathe out. When I say ‘we’ then I mean the male (Sun) and when I say ‘you’ I mean the women (Moon).

Relax, breathe in and out. We are carrying the Sun; we are the Sun. We envision that we are Sun and we carry the Sun. We direct the sunrays and we can direct them because we are in Government alive, in Sirius alive. We know LAW so we can give a Straight Direction. We are the Sun in Action. So breathe in and out and the Sun is under Command of Sirius. We are in Command in the alignment of all planets.

The women can envision the Moon and the Moon is Whole and you can create because you see, you experience that you have received or that you are receiving Light. In the oneness, the Moon, the women can experience the Sun, the Light of the Sun and the Government of Sirius. You know that you can give of your Detail and in this we align all planets in our Solar System because we are in the alignment of every particle of Life.

We -now Sun and Moon together- are completely ONE, ONE in the alignment, in the Solar System.

Because we are on Earth, we can give of our Quality, our Quality is the Oneness of material Life with Venus. Because of the White Fire in the midst of us, everywhere, also in Venus, we create the Oneness of material Life, of our Solar System. We send out, we radiate the Oneness of our beings. So in the Oneness of the Sun and the Moon with Sirius, with Terra, we know what to do, what to create.

This dictation followed:


"To realise Aqua, is to realise Wholeness of Life. To realise Aqua, is to rise as a Detail, rise as the Whole of All Details in ONE. You are realising Aquarius, materialising the Light of Aquarius that is alive within the Motion of Eternity. You are materialising Eternity with the Detail, Aquarius. You are materialising Aquarius because you are rising as a Detail yourself. 

In the Union of All Details, in Wholeness of Life which follows ONE Goal and ONE Direction, you are materializing ONE Dream, ONE Purpose, you are materializing the Glorification of the Deity of Aquarius. In so doing you are honouring Eternity. You honour First Creator, you honour the Original Sunlight. In Creating Aquarius you honour the Original Sunlight that comes from First Creator. First Creator has given a Design, a Plan, this Plan is what you are materializing upon and for planet Terra.

Planet Terra is the Shrine, the Altar of Life, on which All Details live, on which All Details are shining. Every Detail is a Fire, a Flame in itself. In the Union of All these Flames there is ONE Fire, the Origin of White Fire.

Materializing Aquarius, is materializing the Flames on the Altar of Life. And while you materialize the Flames on the Altar of Life, you are materializing the Destiny of Terra. You materialize her Truth, her Core. You are materializing the Core of her Body, which is Ruby.

In her Light, you are embraced while you are embraced by White Fire. In her Presence, you are rising while you are raised as a Detail. You rise because Sunlight is given to Terra. You rise because Sunlight is given to Moon. You rise as a Detail because there is given ONE Direction, ONE Government to ALL. Wholeness of Life is Wholeness of Life because there is ONE Direction given, ONE Goal realized. Wholeness of Life isWholeness of Life because everything is seen within the EYE of the Deity. This is the EYE of the Governmental Power. Governmental Power sees and Directs and within this, ALL Life is Sealed, it is Whole. Sun and Moon are both seen by the EYE of the Deity; the EYE of Government. Venus and Terra are both seen by the EYE of the Deity; the EYE of Government.

The Wholeness of these Four is witnessed, seen and Governed by the Light, the Power of Sirius. The Original Power of Government is the Presence of Sirius. And because it is the Original Power of Government of God, the Original Fire, the Origin in All the Flames, can rise and is rising.

You rise as a Detail, you are materializing. You materialize Eternity, you materialize the Detail of Aquarius. You obey the lines of Government, you honour the Eternal Motion and it is in this Motion that you are Rising, that you are Awakening, that you are Resurrecting and Ascending. You ascend from the platform of Government, you ascend from a platform which is the Wholeness of Life. You ascend as this Wholeness, as the platform itself. So the platform or the Design is lifted up, is raised, is Ascending by the fact that you are creating, by the fact that you are creating Eternity, by following ONE Goal which is the Detail of Aquarius.

Aquarius lives. Aquarius is Matter. Aquarius is the Hope that is materialized. The Moon is full of Hope, directed by Sunlight. In Union of Venus and Terra, Terra is rising her Light, Terra is gifted with Hope. Terra is becoming the ONE of the Pearl and the Ruby, the Pearl and the Crystal. This Oneness is realized within your Fire, your Flame. 

So when you rise, you rise from the Oneness of Venus and Terra. When you create, you create from this Oneness. You create from the ONE of Venus and Terra and the ONE of Sun and Moon, you create from this Wholeness. This Wholeness is Governed by the Power of Sirius, by the Original Power of Governmental Power, Governmental Power of God.

You are living flesh, you are Eternal flesh, you are the Eternal materialisation of Deity. You live in the Goal of Aquarius. You honour and serve this Purpose. It is the Purpose to realize Life within the Destiny of Terra, it is the Purpose to Obey your Detail and to honour Terra, to honour Venus, to honour the Sun and to honour the Moon. In honouring this Wholeness you are Obedient to the Lines of Government given by the Power of Sirius.

You materialize Aquarius. You materialize Eternity. You materialize the Governmental Lines of LAW. You materialize the Light of Aquarius because you materialize in the Wholeness of Life as ONE Deity, ONE Deity that is seen and ONE Deity that sees."


Breathe in and out. Breathe in and feel the stillness, experience the stillness of the rebirth of Oneness.

Breathe in and out, bring back your hands and open your eyes.