This morning Alba, the granddaughter of Mura was with us. Mura could experience the vastness of Life in Alba when she held her and took care of her. What does this mean? Alba has natural physical imprints of Mura. We know that these physical imprints are limiting us and do not give freedom in the vastness of Life. We do not yet know how to handle the vastness of Life and are only beginning to understand it. 

This new insight of the vastness of Life is related to the Moon of Hope.

At twelve o’clock we came together in the centre to follow the total lunar eclipse. This occurred because the Sun, the Earth and the Moon were on ONE line and this day Uranus was in line too. Uranus was directly situated behind the Moon. Any celestial body can give of their detail. It gives new opportunities. This is the vastness of Life. 

Because these four celestial bodies are on ONE line, Uranus can accelerate the detail Hope. Therefore, we can create Hope.

Feel what this constellation does with your body, said Mura. Are you prepared to include your own axes with the expression of Hope and activate Hope in the axes of Earth? 

Then Mura gave a mediation:

Relax and make a Portal of your spine, your body is a Portal of accelerated Light.

Your body is a portal in which Light is accelerated and in which your cells can receive the imprint of Hope. Therefore, your body knows it is in Hope alive. Hope is a physical imprint of your body.

Breathe in and out. 

In the acceleration, your body is a Portal of Light, accelerated Light. Hope shines, Hope of the Moon shines, the Light of Hope shines, so you can materialise Hope in your cells and atoms.

Because of the Radiation or the gift of the Moon as Hope, you experience the full Power of Hope in your body, in the Whole body where you can or the body will materialise Hope as a physical Creation. 

So breathe in and out and experience in your body the materialisation of Hope. Because you have already received the ION in your body, this ION in your body is capable of receiving Hope and use the Alchemy to materialise Hope as the body or in the body as a Whole, so Hope is living Matter. Experience the materialisation of Hope in your body.

Morisha asked Isabel, “Which planet do you want to invite to speak?” Isabel said, “Uranus.

Isabel gave this dictation. She held her hands together in her lap to focus on the unfolding process:


"In the Moonlight, in the Sunlight, in the ONE of Harmony I lift up the Whole with the Power to Accelerate. I lift up the Whole of your body, of the planetary body of Terra. I lift up the Whole of the Cosmos, of the Universe, of the Solar System. I do so because I understand what Motion is in the Eternal Way of living, Motion in Eternal Light. I Accelerate with the Power of Deity. I Accelerate with the Power of Creator. Deity and Creator are ONE in my being and it is within this principle, within this aware and conscious fact that I can Accelerate Light and I do so. I Accelerate the Light that is present in the Moon. I honour the Moon and I honour the Sun. I bring forth my Forgiveness. I bring forth my Power because in forgiving the Light, I Accelerate Light. I Accelerate every Light beam, every Sunray. I Accelerate therefore the Light on the Moon. I Accelerate the Power of your Light, of your being. In this you are awakened in Creativity.

The planet you inhabit -planet Terra- is awakening in her creative abilities, she is awakened from her Core to her surface, within every line, the Speed of the Light is Accelerating. The touch of my skin, which is touching the skin of Terra because we are touching in the Truth of Communion, Terra is Accelerated within her Orbit. Her Light is in Truth, her Light is in Hope.

The Moon is living and invites my Presence, invites the Accelerative Power of that I AM. I AM therefore the Creator and Deity, at this moment, for the Moon. She invites the Accelerative Power of my being, of my Detail and I give her the gift of Acceleration. I give her the gift in which Life will be More.

With Acceleration the multiplication of cells and atoms can be done. The multiplication of the ION is realized when Light is in the Accelerative Power, Reality. The Accelerative Power of Light is therefore needed when you want to create with Fire. It is the ION of Fire that is multiplied in Acceleration. When you want to create Fire, when you want to create with White Fire -the Origin- you need the Acceleration of Light, the Speed of Light needs to become More. New Frequencies therefore will be tangible, visible. In the New Frequencies the Details can rise, the Details that are needed and that are willing to create Aquarius. You create Aquarius, you have started to create Aquarius and the Details who are alive and present upon planet Terra are therefore now in this moment awakening in the Acceleration of Light. The Details as Flames upon the Altar of Life that Terra is, are awakening and are Accelerating because they are multiplying their Fire. 

The Fire that is multiplied in IONs, in cells and atoms of IONs, these multiplied Light and Fire are given to you, so your body is in a state of Ascension. The Ascension is thus in the Accelerative Power of Light.

In ONE moment upon the Cosmic Clock, which is a moment in Eternity, which is actually an Eternal moment, I give you thus the Truth of Ascension because Acceleration is given.

I Accelerate with the Power of Deity. I Accelerate with the Power of Creator. I Accelerate because I honour the Sun and Moon as ONE. I AM alive as a Wholeness. I honour the ONE, I honour the Wholeness. I honour the multiplied Reality of Matter, of ION. In honouring this, I have the ability to Accelerate Light.

I Accelerate and you are in Ascension. You are in ONE moment in Eternity alive. In this ONE moment, you are the Singularity, you are a Detail. You are the Truth, you are the Crystal Clarity and this Clarity, I Accelerate. This Clarity is multiplied in the ION of Fire.

Create with White Fire. Create in the Speed of Light that I AM. Create and Realize a New Born World in the Light of Aquarius."