The Promise of Hope has been given for the Aquarian Age. And in this Promise is given the Reality of a New Creation, a Hopeful Creation, a Creation that IS the Portal of Eternity or that means it is Eternal Life.

Soon Month is over, focused on Truth and Reality of Cosmic Order. And soon Moon is Full in which Pure State of Aquarian Reign is Reflected, activating Cosmic Heartbeat in RACE. RACE Lives to Create, to form and to design. RACE is Present in Order of Cosmos, Present on Terra with Purpose and Destiny. Destined Creativity is Creativity to materialise Truth of LAW and to Activate Details in Allness.

Active Design of Emerald gives Space for Sun and Moon to be United, to be Active in the Motion of Eternity
The Activity of Emerald Design is given to the Motion of Terra, Sun and Moon, to Realise a Space in which the Truth can come forth.

After the Summer Solstice we celebrated the New Moon of the Beatitude: Blessed are the Merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Isabel: we hebben onze handen in bidpostitie en Isabel zegt “zit rechtop in Recht” .

Alive in Reflection and Present in Direction we reveal the New Moon that gives us All Light. And this Light is given to Open the Heart, to bring Brightness to All. The Heart is Bright because it is fulfilled with your Wish, it is filled with the Right to Exist and it beats with the Rhythm of Cosmos, it Beats in the Order of Cosmos. Your Heart therefore is able to Be Merciful, to be Charitable.

The Sun brings today and the Sun brings Tomorrow. Giving its Light to Direct all in ONE. Waving Goodbye to the past with Salvation, knowing that Life continues in MORE. Embracing NEW Future and bringing forth form in Aquarian Spin, is Way of Humanity and Act in GOD’S NAME.

Life Starts in the Announcement of Gabriel, the Announcement in which HOPE is the given reality to make Detail Blossom. Blossoming Power for Detail is in Truth, in the Active Sign of the current Age. Aquarius is Active in Direction of Sun and in Reflection of Moon. Aquarius gives of itself and brings the Signal to All Details to rise and Awaken IN HOPE. Which states that all Details may listen to the Voice of Gabriel to be announced as Living Body of GOD.

Authority of GOD has been given in the Fire of Pentecost, in the Inspiration to START Life in the Order of Abram's Seed.

Born in the Power of Sun and Moon is Human Being, Born in the Light that is Reflected and Directed. You are born in the Order that is given by Sun and Moon; an Order that gives Life. Within this Order you are Equal, within this Order you are Free, within this Order you are Detailed.
Detailed Human RACE Blossoms as the Colours of the Rainbow and shows thereby the Face of God. Showing this Face is showing the Light, that shines Bright that shines Perfectly, that shines Beautiful.
To become the Perfection that is given by Nature, to Realise the Bliss of Nature, you may see the Direction and Reflection as the Dance of Cosmos. In the Reality of the Cosmic Order Life Unfolds and Life Unrolls the LAW of this Age. In the LAW of this Age, the Aquarian Age, you are given the Commands to Live your Wish and to Command within your Wish the Power of Nature.
So as you Wish is the Command given to Nature, the Command given to Unroll the LAW with Beautiful Form, to Unfold the Details as Perfect Light, to Unfold this World in the Reality of Reflection and Direction; in the Reality of the Motion that Lives within the Order of Cosmos. This Cosmic Order is given to you as Human RACE. This Cosmic Order is given in Cosmos to Planets and to you as Humanity.
Be aware of the fact that you are Alive in Order. Be Aware of the fact that you are Alive as a Detail in Order. You are Detailed so God can Blossom in the Perfection, in the Ability and in the Wish of Nature. The Nature Elements are Present to Unroll the LAW, to Unroll Commands and in your Wish is the Command, in your Choice is the Reality of Nature’s Growth. So Grow with Nature, Grow in the Beauty of the Elements, Grow in the Motion of Reflection and Direction. Grow in the Cosmic Order. This is the Order given to you. This is the Order that gives ONE, ONE Life and ONE World. In this Union of Sun and Moon is the Reality of the Moon of today. In the Union of Sun and Moon is the Reality of the Fulfilment in your Detailed Identity.
Be the Identity of God. Awaken in the Power of Nature. Awaken in the Truth of Equilibrium.
Copyright: Ascending ALL


Glorify the Moon and her dance with Sun in the Realisation of a NEW form, a NEW Age, a NEW Life. Glorify the Magnificent Purpose of Sky and Earth, the Union of Father and Mother that brings Life in the Eternal Motion given in the Harmony of Nature Elements.

Meeting during the Full Moon of the Beatitude: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.
Isabel: adem allemaal rustig in en uit en dan doen we onze handen in de bidpositie, voor je hart.
Listen to the Voice of Nature when you Welcome the Reflection in the Fullness of Moon. Listen to the Harmony that is given in every Flower, in every Colour that you see or that you witness upon this planet.

Living in Nature, in Natural I, is Space of the Buddha in which Breathing is Comfortable. Filling this Space with Breath, is creating Life in the Beauty of Aquarius, in the Principles of Ordered ONE.

Arrangement of Life Lives in the Colours of Rainbow, in the Colours of HOPE. Life is an Arrangement, like a Union of Flowers showing the Beauty of Nature and bringing Inspiration to Human Being.

Light Awakens in Morning in the Power of Sun and in the Welcome of Earth. Earth Welcomes the Light of Aquarius, Matter Welcomes the NEW Beginning, the Fresh Start.

Meeting during the Full Moon of the Beatitude "Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Dictation given at 4.35 pm
Breathe in and out in the Perspective of Reflection.
Breathe in and out in the Fullness of the Moon. Breathe thus the Comfort Ability of every Detail, of every detailed Expression of God. Which means that you are able to come forth as a Detail in the Perfection of Reflection, in the Wholeness that Reflection gives.

Month is renewed in the Power of HOPE of this year 2020. Month is renewed in the Violet Gift of March. April starts as a New Beginning, a Beginning in the Origin of Order. Welcome White Fire in April and the Order it IS in the Truth of GOD Government. Welcome the Reality of GOD in Being Human.

New Moon: 10.29
Een aantal van ons liggen in het gras om de fontein in afwachting van de dictatie van de nieuwe maan: Zalig de zachtmoedigen, want zij zullen de aarde beërven.

As Beings of Nature we need your Prayer and focus, because we need the Light that is given while you are having a focus on ONE World, ONE form, ONE Destiny.

Let us Unite our Voices and bring ONE Tone of Harmony.
We pray for Future of Terra and Human RACE, because we Wish to Unite. The Wish of Being ONE RACE is Righteous in Aquarius, Righteous in the Destiny of our Lives.

Fullness of Life is in the Glory of Living the Direction and Reflection of Sun and Moon. Fullness is in Living the Order given by the reality of Terra her Destiny.

In Violet is right to create Freely and to manifest the Free Atom. Free Atom is Active, which means Atom is Aligned with the Spinning of Axes of Terra and of Human Spine. Meaning that Atom is Active in the Spinning of Spine, thus in the Motion of the INNER reality of CORE.

2de zaligspreking
Zalig zijn zij die treuren, want zij zullen vertroost worden.

Stel je voor dat inderdaad de maan aanklopt bij je. Klop, klop. En je laat binnen, doet de deur open, de deur van je hart.

NEW Moon comes with the Light of the current Moon, with the Gift of her Reflection.

Living Nature is MORE than the Stream of Life that unfolds in Order. Living Nature is the Detailed Expression of Allness, of Wholeness.

In the Fullness of this Moon the Aquarian Constellation is able to give her Inspiration to Humankind and to planet Terra. In the Fullness of this Moon it is the entire constellation that can be given as ONE Impulse, as ONE Pulse and thus ONE Heartbeat of Aquarius.

Moon is NEW in the Tone of Aquarius to form the Righteousness of Mother, which is the Order in White Fire present. Forming the Righteousness of Mother is forming creation that uses the Light of Aquarius and the Light of the Sun in the most Effective Way.

Ordered Form of the Triangle of Purity, Equality and Harmony

United in the Triangle of Life are Moon, Sun and Earth to Receive and to bring Forth the Order of Sirius. United as ONE and United to bring the basic Form of Living as the Triangle of Purity, Equality and Harmony.

In the Reflection of Light we bring the Truth of the Moon. In the Reflection of Light of the Sun we bring the Direction of Aquarius. In the Reflection of Light we have given in the Moon, to Teach, to Show, to Share your Presence.

Welcome in the Age of Aquarius. Welcome in the Age in which Details are Invited and Welcomed to bring forth the Light of the Aquarian Tone. Bringing forth the Light of Aquarius is Living in the Reality that is given in the Sun, the Direction of Sun.

New Moon of Sharing your Presence
Written 15.25
Righteousness of Creative Freedom has been given in the Reflection of Moon. This Reflection has touched the Atoms and Cells of Creation, of Human body. Reflection clarifies the Atoms to realise a new vibration, to come forth in the Tone of this Age.

Being Free to create is being able to bow for the Allness of Life. Freedom of Creativity is Active in Honouring All Life and the Order IN Life.

All Live Aligned in the Promise of HOPE and make Future real in the Creative Act of GOD. GOD is Being Human in the Equal Truth of Light and in the Equal Truth of Details.

Fire is Active in Emerald Design to Enlighten the raise of the NEW. Emerald Design is Free in the Truth of Ascension and Active in Human base.

23.10. Written at 23.00
The Moon is Full to realise the Reflection in which the Truth of Humankind is born. Human Being is born in the Wish of its CORE, which means Being Human starts from the CORE and the Order of the Inner.

Full Moon is coming as a clear bride welcomed by her groom. The Sun shines his Light to Accelerate her Beauty and to make her MORE in the Direction of True Equilibrium. The Love of Sun is given to Moon in his Brightness. She Reflects his Love in showing the Colours of his Light, showing the manifestation of Light its Wish. Wishful Light is in Sun Rays. All Rays ARE Reflected by Moon, as are all Wishes. In Equality they are seen by the Moon. When the Wishes are Reflected, they are Free in Equality. Free in the Tone of Aquarius that can only Sound because of Reflection, because of Creation.
Welcome the Moon as a Bride wishes to be Welcomed. Welcome the Pure Tone of Aquarius that sounds in the Fullness of Reflection. Reflecting the Right Way of ONE Tone is Reflecting the Principles of Aquarius so Wishes come to pass in this Age and its Promise.
Live Life to the Fullest. To the Fullest of her Reflection and to the Deepest of her Direction.
Copyright: Ascending All


Written at 10.38. Moon is NEW 12.38
In the NEW Moon of Equilibrium the Rising Sun will give the Pulse and impulse in Direction to Celebrate Life in the Equal Truth of Details.

We staan in de voortuin om één van de bloemencirkels.
Schouders laag. We omarmen de cirkel. Stap opzij allemaal en we nemen de maan mee in onze armen. We koesteren de maan. We nemen hem mee. Voel dat je de maan koestert en meeneemt.

The Plan of GOD and of its Will is Active in the Direction of Sun and Reflection of Moon. The Order given in Sun and Moon is the Order to form the Plan of the Origin, the Plan that can only be realised in applying the Truth of White Fire Order.

Active Design of Emerald invited the Moon of Transparency to be able to spread her Tone and manifestation. In Tone of Emerald is The Way of Ruby, which is The Way to create NEW and Clear form. This form can be created in the Right of Human Being to BE Transparent, which is possible when Light and Order is integrated in Matter. Integrating the Order in which Light of Sun and Moon is received and given, is integration of the Origin. Doing so gives Way to be creative, Way to be Human in Original Plan. The Original Plan is imprinted in the Will of God, therefore this Plan is in Blueprint. Blueprint is able to integrate the Order and the Light and expressed this Order in the Perfection of Geometry. Manifesting The Way of Ruby starts with Will and is done in the Transparency of this Will.
Transparent Will is the Will in Uzziel. The Will of GOD given in the integration of Light and Order. And Ordered Whole can be created in the forming of ONE Way and ONE Sound. An Ordered Whole can be created in the Right use of Light. Using Light Right is integration of Light. And expressing it ordered and Well. Moon of Transparency shows The Way of integration, The Way to integrate Light and Order in Creative Path.
Copyright: Ascending All

In the Resonance of Violet is a New Day and a New Beginning. It is the Beginning of the Resurrection of this planet; it is the Beginning of a New Orbit around the Sun.

In this Hour and in this Moment of the Orbit of Terra around the Sun, we receive the Brilliant Reality of Sun and Moon in ONE. We receive the Perfection of Reflection as it is given to us by the Direction of Aquarius. We are Realising the Order of the Sun and Moon, the simple fact that Life is Natural that Life is Equal and that Life Resonates within the Tone of Aquarius.

Beweeg je in de golven van Waterman en Eer daarmee de Realiteit van de Zon, de Maan en de Aarde die als drie in één het Leven Dienen en het Leven laat Rijzen.

Written from 23.05 till 23.14
We stand in the Sun to realise the Reflection of Moon that brings Healing and the Power of Truth.

Welcome the Moon to receive the Reflection that gives abundance. In the Power of Truth and healing is the gift of abundancy, a gift that comes naturally with living Truthful and Whole.

Inviting the Creation of Pure Tone and Pure Spin, means to invite the Pure Creative Power in Oneself. Human Being is able to create Right and Ordered, Righteous. Human Being is able to realise the Promise of Perfection and the Gift of Realised Right.

Expect of the Moon to be NEW in Full Glory, to Celebrate the Past in the Gift of Today. Love is the Tone that comes forth in every Detail and that shows GOD its face in the Beautiful roar of the Lion.

Written at 21.45. Equinox at 22.58 and full moon at 2.43 march 21st.
Full is the Moon of Love in the Power of Equinox, to Enlighten the first Light of Spring with the Power of Love. Spring gives the HOPE to create Loving and Truthful, to manifest Destined Ruby as Terra her Truth.

Wish of White Fire

New Moon at 17.05 pm
In the Order of Sun and Moon we Welcome a New Moon. We Welcome the Gift of Opportunity which is given in every Moon. We Welcome the Right of Reflection. And within the Right of Reflection is the Right to be Creative, the Right to Form and to Manifest a World of Love.

Illumination of Matter is the physical Truth of Ascension as it is giving Space to the Wish and to the CORE of White Fire to come forth. Matter is Illuminated to realise the Spiral of Ascension within the Atoms and Cells.

A Clear Face of God

In the Moments of a Lunar Eclipse it is the Inspiration given to Realise Creation within the Wholeness of the Solar System.

Month of Ascension 

Year has started in the Faith of the Kumara’s who have made Terra Destined to realise her Ascension and the Ascension of All. Truth of Alpha and Omega Lives in CORE and Wish of Terra, Lives in the Reality of ONE Way and Tone. Terra is Created in Communion to be the Altar of Life, an Altar for RACE to Praise All. All Live in the Colourful Truth of Details, Ordered in Emerald and Alive in the Original White Fire. White Fire is the Order for Details to grow and to Blossom, to manifest Faith as given in the Start of Creation of Terra.

New moon of Archangel Michael
NEW is the Moon to come forth in Right and to realise the Renewal of Reflection in all Atoms and Cells. Michael is Honoured by the Reflection of Moon, realising his Will as the Honourable Faith that is formed and Awakened in Creation.