Truth is the Sound in Aquarian Tone, Uniting all Details to come forth in ONE Deity.

In ONE Deity is the Flame of HOPE and in All Details is the ordered materialisation of this Flame. This is possible because of the Order of Emerald, the Order in Truth Enlightened. In Truth is the Reality of Detailed Unity, which is the Reality of Creating ONE Flame with All. 

All are aligned with one Government and within this Alignment All are aligned with ONE Truth. This is the Truth of the North, the Truth of the Origin. Original Truth is unbreakable, meaning that this Truth is the Truth of Being United and of Being Human. Because Being human means to be United as Details and to be United with Material Right to Create. 

This Right Lives in the VOW of every Personal Identity, every Individuality. But the Truth of Individuality is in the fact that Life is United and Whole. Life is in Original Truth, therefore she is in the Union with Origin a fact. Right to Create is the Right to materialise the Truth of ONE’s Being, Truth of Being Human. This Truth is seen in the Word HUMAN. 

To be Human is to Honour. To be Human is to Live United. To be Human is to Materialise Alignment. And to be Human is to do so Naturally.  

HUMAN is a gift of Details, United to form ONE Identity in an Action to realise Origin in form. Original form is made from White Fire and Well. Made from a Union that exists in the Northern Principles and is commanded by the Truth of North. This Truth is in the Governmental Power of North Sealed. Meaning that forming with White Fire and Well, forming Original, is forming Sealed. A sealed form is the form of Nature, created in Being Human. A Human is a Man aligned with Government, materialising his Flame in Honour of the Origin and in Honour of All.  

Original Creativity is in Ordered Truth given, in Order of Emerald. In this Order the Details are arranged and therefore able to realise a detailed form, Original form. Learning how to create a Northern Principles, a Principles IN Truth. It is Truth to learn and Truth to Live the Worth of Human in materialising the Word that gives Human its HUMAN Life. 

Copyright: Ascending All