ONE is the Year in receiving the Trust of Human RACE that Comfort is Ready to be given. ONE is the Time in Eternal Reality, giving Human Opportunity to realise Truth.

ONE is the Order in Realised Union, ONE is the moment of Creating Truth. ONE is realised in the Union of Four, the Union of forthcoming Presences. 

Realised Union of Four is the BODY of Union. In Uniting four Years in ONE moment of Time, body of Human is given the Impulse to realise this Union. IN Union, BODY is born. IN Union the BODY is Created as the Spinning Spiral of Eternity. This Spiral is the Everlasting Time that gives Details Freedom to realise themselves and to create the Forgiven Action of ION. 

Forgiven Action of ION Lives in Straight Water and is given in the Destiny of Aquarius. Destiny of Aquarius is the Principle of Aquarius realised in form. Forming the BODY of Water its Reign, is Honouring the Union of Time and giving the Presence of Deity its Eternal Truth. Eternal Truth is the Bliss of Being Human, Eternal Truth is created in the Hand of Human. 

Hand of Human is Creator’s Hand. Hand of Human is the Creative ability to realise the BODY of Union, the BODY of Forthcoming in ONE Four. ONE in Four is the Active ION, ONE in Four is the ability to give Light and to spread this to All. It is the ability to realise the NEW coming Time and NEW Action of Eternity. 

NEW Action of Eternity is the NEW Motion to come forth and to show the Realised Light as Brightness and Radiance. Radiant Matter is the gift of Eternity, Radiant Truth is the Order of Eternity. Ordered Eternity makes Matter MORE and realises the NEW Time. NEW Time is NEW Age in which All is Ordered and Aligned with the Impulses and Imprints of God Government. God Government is the Power of Will and the Right of Living. 

Righteous Living is in Four in ONE formed as the BODY able to Honour ONE Deity, ONE Detail. All Life is Reigned in the Order of Water, the Order of Aqua Radiance. Aqua Radiance is the Aquarian ability to touch Matter and to give form in the Wholeness of White Fire by Ordering Details to Live in Motion of Spiral. 

Spiral up and Spiral down to catch up with True Time and become the Deity of Aquarius in Hopeful, Active ION. Active ION is the Spiral of Renewal and the Spiral of Truth in Blissful State. 

Copyright: Ascending All