New Moon at 02.56

To Enlighten All Life in the Straight Way of Aquarius, Moon has offered her Reflection to give Human and Terra the INNER of their CORE.

Moon of Enlightening Enlightens the CORE of Being Human and shows in the Material Truth what Human want. In the Order of Truth, Human are Willing and Wishing. The Wish to create is the Will to Obey and the Will to Obey is the Wish to come forth in Detailed manner. 

Details are created in the Light of Aquarius, materialising the Eternal Reflection of INNER. INNER is the Righteous ONE that Reflects and creating the Wish of Human is Creating Transparent Matter that IS the Reflection of INNER. Matter that is Reflection itself is The Purpose for the Aquarian Truth. Aquarian Truth is the Order of Aquarius. The Order is Active in the Straightening of Axes and the Order will be Enlightened in this Moon. 

The Moon of Today gives Enlightenment to Material form, which means it releases the dense way of living for Human RACE. The dense way is the unclear way, the way in chaos. Action of Moon Clarifies Matter and releases the patterns of chaos. Ordered Aquarius is The Way to Live Light and to BE Bright. The Brightness of the Details is Enlightened in this Moon, she Welcomes the Living abilities of the Details. 

Every ability is an INNER ability, the ability to respond from INNER to INNER. Living IN CORE of Terra and IN CORE of Human is showed in the Moon of Reflection. Moon of Reflection is given to Human RACE to realise the INNER as Life and to show that Life is MORE than the outer creation. Seeing the INNER and realising that life is MORE than what the eye meets, makes way for the Detailed Active Creativity. Active Creativity is Detailed and Conscious and Aware. 

Human has opportunity in the Enlightening Moon to Live Detailed in the ability of the Detail. To Awaken in the abilities of the INNER and to release life from the weight of chaos. It is a Promising Moon. 

Events in Solar System to support Terra 

The events in Cosmos are always an aligning with the Sun of the Solar System. Every conjunction, triple junction, new moon and full moon of Terra, aligning of planets, etc., is an event in the Solar System. These events give specific impulses to planet Terra in order to realise and materialise her Destiny. Her Destiny is to be the Ruby Pearl Reflecting the Perfection of Venus. Perfection of Venus is the fulfilment of his task, duty and Right. 

Right IN Venus is his CORE. The CORE of Venus is the realisation of Eternal Will. This is Will in Youthful Expression, whereby Love is the parameter that makes Will Youthful. The Principle of Venus, known as Sanat Kumara, is the ONE that Direct both planet and Inhabitants to realise the Right of Venus his CORE. Right of his CORE is to be ONE Expression with planet Terra. Therefore Reflection of Terra is the Perfection of Venus. 

Materialising planet Terra as Human RACE is materialising the Eternal Will of Venus. It means to Honour the Youthful Will of Venus in the parameter of Love. Materialising the United CORE of Terra and Venus is the Righteous Creativity of Human RACE. Events in Cosmos, in Solar System, are given to Awaken the Creativity of Human RACE in a Natural Way. Human is able to Live Natural because of the Wholeness Life is in ONE Solar System. 

The System of this Sun enjoys to stimulate and support the forming of Terra as a Whole Being and Wonderful and Perfect planet. Enjoying the Growth of Terra is enjoying the Growth of Human RACE Human RACE is Creator in Honouring Solar System as a Whole and in Beginning to Live Detailed. Details are IN Creativity formed and IN Creativity realised. Material Truth of planet Terra is in the Impulses of the events in Cosmos unfolding. 

NEW Moon of Enlightening is the Impulse to Create NEW and Light, to create the Aquarian Light in form of Venus its Right and Terra her Beauty. 

Copyright: Ascending All