United States of America are active in the reality of being a separate world, a separate Human. The States are United as America.

Meaning that Unity as a State is not Lived or X-pressed. Truly X-pressing the United States is Being the United States. The Elections are the Reflection of Consciousness in Human RACE, Consciousness in Mankind. Elections show the actions of mankind and what mankind believes in. 

Moon of Reflection shows Consciousness and choice of Human Being, of Mankind. Moon of Reflection has Promised to do so and she Willingly Reflects the result of the Elections in the United States of America. To realise a Creation of ONE World, a Creation of Unity, mankind needs to Awaken and rise in Awareness. In Reflection of Moon this is possible. Moon has the duty and Right to Reflect everything active in life at this moment. Meaning that IN Reflection The Way to transformation is given. 

Mankind is given the Opportunity to see its Creation and to see its belief. Moon of Unity has been before the Moon of Reflection. Unity is Enlightened and Empowered to rise in the physical. Human RACE has received Impulses in Reflection to realise Unity in Order and Truth. The United States of America have shown in the Reflection of Unity that Being United is only for America. Which means the Truth of Unity is not Lived. The Elections show the fact that True Unity is not Active in physical yet. 

Reflection of ‘the Moon of Reflection’ is MORE than the usual Reflection. In this Moon matter is more Empowered than ever to Reflect the physical reality of Life. Therefore it is shown now in the Elections of the United States of America, what has been created so far and what Mankind’s Direction is giving. Reflection shows the Direction, whether it is True or not. Reflection is the Power needed and given at this moment in the World, to realise MORE and to Create transformation. 

Transformative Power Begins in Reflection, Begins in the Promise of Reflecting Direction. America shows itself in Reflection. It means Reflection shows Mankind its Direction. In order to create MORE and to Create Ordered Way of Aquarius, Reflection is given to pave the way for Life in Alignment with GOD. 

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