Month is NEW in the Light of Aquarius and in the Right of Blossoming Details. Details come forth in the Aquarian Ray of Sun and in the Aquarian Constellation. ONE Ray of Sun is Aquarius and All Rays of Sun are embraced by this Ray, because Ray Welcomes the Details. August is the Month and the Reality of Welcoming Light of All, Welcoming Life. Month of Welcome is the Right to Welcome Details in the Aquarian Constellation and in the Aquarian LAW.

Human RACE has Opportunity this Month to realise the Welcome of Life in RACE. In base of RACE is the Power to Welcome Light and to do so in Detailed Manner. Every Detailed Light welcomed from Root is the Righteous Opportunity to Blossom as Detail and to be form as Detailed Creation. This form is Active in well, Active in the Reality of Sun and Moon.
Creating Aquarius is creating in the Welcoming Power of creative base. Creative base is in Emerald Design, in Design that uplifts All Flames to be Awake and to be Material. August gives his right and Radiance to Welcome the Light of Eternity in Detailed Right. Well is the Right for All to be Motion of Eternity, Well is the Truth of Welcoming NEW. Well is Active and Awakening in the Waters of Earth, in the Waters of Aquarian Reign. The more Welcome Light is, the more Aquarius can be formed. Active Welcome of Light and Right is the Active Creative Power of Human RACE.
Human Lives to Welcome Future, to Welcome her Destiny and her Creative Power in Right. Human is Right in Welcome, Right in the Active and Awake base that Welcomes Light to be Creative. Welcoming Order is Welcoming LAW and its Commands, realising the Destiny and Perspective of Creativity. Creative base of Human RACE is Creative to Welcome the Aquarian Age and to manifest the Aquarian Purpose for All Life. All Life is ONE in the Aquarian Age, and ONE Light is the Source of All. This Light is the Sun and Moon as ONE, the Direction and Reflection as ONE Living Way. Way of Earth is Ruby way, manifest in the ONE of Sun and Moon. Welcoming Ruby CORE and Welcoming the Light of Sun and Moon as ONE Light is Being able to Create and Being able to Materialise the Direction of Sun as Reflection.
Creation is the Active form of Well, the Active form that Welcomes Light of Sun and Moon and IS the Well that Springs Eternally. Human RACE is Creator and Lives to fulfil Creation in Human base, in the base in Emerald Design. Emerald Base is able to Welcome Light and Life, Emerald base welcomes so Light Spirals up in Human Body and comes forth as the wholeness of Order in Perfect Shape.
Copyright: Ascending All