Raphael’s Tone
Aquarius Lives to realise Order and Truth as Material fact. Physical Life of Truth and as Ordered White Fire is physical Stones of Healing. Stones of Healing are sacred Tones, Tones that are the Wholeness of Matter. When it is said that Sound will come from the Clear Spine, it is meant that Raphael’s Tone will start to Sing and Ring.

Tone is a physical manifestation. The more the Spine is Clarified, the more a Tone will be given from within this Clarity and from the Flow IN Spine Active. Creative flow is the Flow IN Spine and Wellness of Human RACE is defined by the Flow.
The Sound of Wholeness is the Tone of Raphael, a Tone that IS Healing. Stones of Healing are therefore in frequencies, in vibrations, in resonance. But, these frequencies are meant to materialise and will materialise. Clear Spine is the resonance box for Tones of Emerald and the Space for these Tones to Harmonise as ONE Clear Wave of Sound. Harmonised Tones of Emerald bring forth the Tone of Healing. Tone of Healing IS Wholeness of Emerald, Ordered Emerald in the Clarity of Spine.
Motion within Spine is Creative Flow of Human RACE. Flow is Eternal and Clear in the Wish of Human RACE to realise Eternal Life. Stones of Healing are the manifestation of Eternal Life and at the same time these Tones are the Sacredness of White Fire given to All. This Sacredness is the vibration of Eternal physical Truth, a frequency known by Nature and Government. Government mandates this frequency to Live and to Flow, to Sound and to Multiply. Meaning Nature is Commanded to realise the Harmony of Emerald Tones and to Reveal the Master ship of Archangel Raphael.
Raphael IS Healing in Being the Tone of Wholeness and the Purity of Wholeness. Spine in its immaculate State has been Sealed which means Raphael’s Tone was Sealed. Sealing the Sacredness of Healing is Sealing the Prophecy of Wholeness and the Prophecy of NEW Life. Every True Alchemist has searched for the Tone of Healing, for the Stones of Healing. Some have found the frequency of Eternal Life, which is the Emerald Tones in Union. But no one has been able to manifest this, because it wasn’t the Time for Nature to Resurrect All Life as ONE.
Aquarius is this Time. Aquarius is the Promise of Eternal Life and of Wellness. Being Well as Human Being is Being Well in the Wholeness of Spine, the Clarity and Motion IN Spine. Opening the Sealing of the Immaculate Spine is giving Space for Raphael’s Tone to materialise and Space for Government to Live as Commanded. Truth is a material fact IN LAW, IN Governmental Mandate. Truth is Healing and IS Emerald Tone. Government of GOD becomes physical when Raphael’s Tone is Lived by Nature and Multiplied in the Harmony of ONE Ray in Sun.

Brotherhood in Aquarius
Wishful Grace is Truth of Human Being. In Emerald Design this Truth is Awakened. Wish in a detailed Human Being can rise in Emerald and Grace is the Power in every Human Being. Within the Gratitude for Life, for Eternal Life, is the Graceful Act to All. Brothers Realise their Wish in the Union of Human Beings, Union making RACE ONE in the gratitude for Life. Living the Power of Emerald within the Creative base of Human Body is Living the Gratitude for Life and Acting IN Grace. Clarity of the Human Body begins with the Clarity of Spine and with the resonance of Raphael’s Tone within Spine. In the Wholeness of Human Body and Being is the Graceful Act a fact.
Brotherhood of Raphael and Afra is Sealed within this Reality of Eternal Life. Being Grateful for Eternal Life and Being the Tone for Wholeness Unites these Brothers as ONE Flame. As ONE Flame they may manifest in the Aquarian Age, to Conquer Truth of Eternal Human Being and RACE. Meaning Eternal Life of Human RACE may manifest in the Brotherhood of Man. Once the Realisation of Gratitude, of Grace, is physical, Eternal Life in Wholeness is physical. Raphael and Afra are United in ONE Goal and purpose, thereby Living the Order of White Fire in Emerald Truth.
Afra realises his Powerful Will in the Grace for All, which is the Grace to manifest the Glory of every Detail. Being Grateful for Eternal Life means to be Grateful for the Detailed manifestation of White Fire. In this Grace is the Awareness and Consciousness to never Harm Life and to preserve the Reality of Wholeness in Spine. Meaning the Flow of Life in Spine is seen with the INNER Eye and Honoured in All. Being a Brother to the other is Being a servant of the Reality of Eternity as physical manifestation. Realising Wholeness in the Willingness to be Human in Grace, is realising the Brotherhood of Raphael and Afra in Consciousness.
Consciousness is the One needing to expand to be able to realise the manifest of Afra and Raphael. They are united in a manifest to Colour Creation with Detailed Expressions, showing Wholeness of Life in the fact that Life is Eternal. Creating Eternity is possible as Human Being in the Act of Grace, the Act of Creativity in Gratitude. By the Power of Sirius, Afra and Raphael are United in ONE Flame, crystallising the Perfection of Gratitude to materialise Clear Spine of Grace. Human RACE is given the Opportunity to BE GRACE, the RACE of GOD. Being GRACE is Being Aligned with Order and Being a whole manifestation of White Fire.
GOD’s RACE is Welcomed in the Union of Raphael and Afra, a Union of Brothers. Manifesting themselves within the Purpose of Aquarius, is renewing the VOW of the Knight Templars and creating Brotherhood in All. Life is in the Gift of Alpha Aligned, in the Gift of Alpha rising as ONE Eternal Spiral. Therefore, Afra is Aphra from now on, United with Raphael to be Brothers in Gratitude.

Copyright: Ascending All