Reigning of Sirius in Aquarian Truth is Reign of the God Star and its Right to Erect. Erecting the Power of GOD in RACE of Human is Erecting the Right to create in the Principles of Aquarius.

Aquarian Principles Live in Constellation its Order and Wholeness, Sealed by the power of Sirius. LAW of Aquarius gives Order in Earth to materialise the Constellation of Aquarius in Ordered and Right Way. Sirius Reigns in Aquarian Tone, which means GOD Reigns and touches every Detailed Flame. Flames are Ordered in Emerald, Ordered in Truth to be able to realise themselves as the Aquarian Righteousness. Truth is the base in Aquarius to create from, Truth is the base in which Human RACE can rise in Worth.
Worthy Existence is Worthy Reality of Living in Tone and Right, Reality of Being Able to Express INNER and to manifest God Given Creativity. Detailed Flame within Human Being is God-given, is Gift of GOD or IS aspect of GOD. Therefore, Human Being IS GOD in creativity and able to form the Order of God’s Reign. GOD Reigns in the Presence of Sirius, which means GOD is Present now in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Age in which GOD can be given a face by the Creative Actions of RACE. RACE Lives to materialise NEW and to materialise the Perfection of Active Living. RACE Lives to Accelerate Rays of Sun in the Order of Emerald Design and to fulfil Constellation of Aquarius with the Reflection of its Creation.
Creation of Aquarian Principles and LAW, form of the Aquarian Constellation, Reflects its Truth and Worth to the constellation. It shows GOD’s Reign and face to the detailed Stars in Constellation. Details see GOD in the Whole and manifest this Whole by giving their Right and Light in Sun Rays. Sun Directs in Aquarius, in the Authority of Aquarius. This Authority is Real by the Presence of Sirius and by the Tone of Aquarius which Sounds in GOD’s NAME. NAME of GOD is EARTH. EARTH gives the Tone of Aquarius as the Perfect Ordered Wholeness of Creation, a Perfect Acceleration of Matter. Acceleration of matter realises the Eternity of form, the Eternity of Human and planetary body. Eternal Matter is the Gift of GOD, is the Talent GOD realises in Right of its NAME.
NAME is EARTH and EARTH is the Eternity of the Promise for All and in All. Destiny of Terra and Venus as ONE is to BE the Expression of Love of Kumara. EARTH is this Expression, EARTH is the Righteousness of Aquarius to Direct in Sun Rays and to touch RACE to Erect Right of Creative Power. Creative power is Being Creator IN GOD, IN GOD’s Will. Human RACE may Awaken in this Reality of their CORE, by the Moon who Reflects and Reveals this Path. The Creative Path in NAME of GOD is shown in Revelation, shown in the Gift of Creator IN GOD. Planet Terra is Gift of Creator, Gift of the Destiny of EARTH and the Promise of Spiralling Truthful Life.
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