Reigning in Future is Reigning in All the Purpose of Living and of Way in Glory. Glory is Active in Living the Right of Eternal Creation and Eternal Expression. Expressing the Eternal Principles of Life is Being Active in the Reign of the Authorised Age. Aquarius is the Age of Today, the Age Alive in the Will of GOD. Purposeful Loving is Honouring Will in GOD’s Authority and in the Reigning Power of Aquarius.

NEW Moon gives the Clarity of Will in Human RACE, which is Endowed with Detailed Flames. Flames are Ordered in Design of Emerald whereby the Flames can BE Eternal Expression and form. Moon of Rebirth gives a Boost of Light to the Will of Human RACE to realise Will of GOD in Union with Detail. Being a Detail and Being Aware of this Detail is Being Able to Create the Eternal Purpose of Living. In this Purpose Way is to Honour ONE NAME and to Activate the Light of All Flames. All Flames live to manifest physical Order which is the Order of White Fire. White Fire CORE is Will of GOD as Fire given to be able to Wish and Direct Will.
Reflection of Moon brings Light to INNER, to CORE. With this Enlightenment Human RACE is Able to Activate Will as GOD’s Will and to give a NEW Birth to INNER. This means Human RACE receives Opportunity and Direction to Live from within and to Activate the Glory of GOD in All. Equality is the effect of Rebirth IN GOD and the consequence is an Enlightenment of ONE RACE. ONE RACE that is Enlightened Lives to Magnify the Blossoming Power of Creation and of Creative Nature in RACE.
Reflection of NEW Moon Glorifies All in ONE Way and Tone, in ONE Will. Reflection of Moon emphasises the Will to Create Divine and touches All of Creation to be reborn as the Divinity of Matter. Matter is GOD in Motion, GOD in Willing form. Forming the Active Right to Breathe and Express is forming the Right to be Human in CORE its Truth and Human in CORE its Action.
Copyright: Ascending All