Full Moon of Rebirth is the Gift of NEW Matter.

NEW Matter Lives to Amplify the Tone of Aquarius and to make CORE Reality of Free Wish. Rebirth is IN Moon to Reflect every NEW Atom and to show RACE Way of Living NEW. Creating the Tone of Aquarius as form and as Beauty is Creating the Tone of ONE Way. Coming forth as Wish in the Aquarian Reality of Life is Living the Rebirth of Life and Accelerating its Purpose.
Destined Reality is the Gift of Eternity and the Ray in Sun that Directs All. Directing All is the Promise of Ray and the NEW of ONE Way. Directing All is Aquarian Truth, because ONE Directs All and All are IN Equal Right to manifest Promise and Wish. Wish is the Future. Wish is the Act to Live everlasting and FREE. Being Alive in the Reflection of Moon is receiving the Gift to Eternalise Wish of GOD and to Live this in Throne. Throne is Earth and Throne is Altar. Throne is Way to uplift Eternity in Right Matter.
Newborn Matter is Newborn Life. Newborn is Life in Truth of Moon and in her Reflective Power.
Copyright: Ascending All