Full Moon 23.45. Written at 20.00. 

Full Moon of Witness is I of the Bride, bringing Creator Reflection of EYE.

EYE shows Creator that All is seen in the Blessing of Love and in encouraging Truth. Being Aware of the fact that you are Witnessed, is being able to come to the point in yourself where the I is in Peace. In I is the EYE Witnessing the Identity in Creativity, Witnessing Creator in I. 

I of the Bride is Reflective Power in Moon and Creation, Willing to show Creator to itself. Therefore Creator can Witness Identity in the Direction given to form Eternity. Creator directs to make form become Real. In Sealing of White Fire Creator is United with Creation, meaning that in Sealing the Witnessing comes to pass. 

Every Promise is Sealed in Eternal LAW, therefore IN Promise Witnessing is possible, Witness is Active. Witness Lives in Promise and Witnesses the Creative Action of Destined I as being Creator. Being Human is being Creative and therefore being Creator. Human is Witnessed in its full potential by the EYE in Reflection. Human is Witnessed in its Emerald base. From this base the Creation of I comes to pass, which is giving form to the Beauty of Bride. 

Creation of I is given on the platform of Faith and Alive in the Design of Emerald. Because of Emerald Design the Power to Witness is Present in Matter. Witnessing is done IN Truth, IN Wholeness, therefore IN Emerald. Sealed State of Promise is Promise IN Truth, IN Emerald. Emerald Design activates the Promise in Human RACE and Terra to come forth in the Identity of Aquarian Age. Coming forth in Identity of Aquarian Age is realising the gift of Direction in Tone of Aquarius. 

Tone of Aquarian Age is Active in every Promised Union in Ray. Rays Live Eternal in Promise and come to the point where Moon Reflects I in the EYE of Creation. I in Creation is Identity of Creator, formed in the Wholeness of Aquarian Destiny. In Aquarian Destiny Life in Union is form and Communion is the Living Reality of Eternity. 

Aquarian Destiny is Witnessed in the Power of Moon and in the Wish of Human. Human comes forth in the Blessing of I, which is the Sealed State of Eternal LAW. All in LAW is Witnessed and safe, all in LAW is Activated as ONE I to form EYE of Creator to Witness itself. 

Copyright: Ascending All