New Moon of Devotion

Space for True Union is Living in Breath.

Living Direction is the realised manifestation of Details in Union.

NEW Moon at 16.08. Written at 16.10.  

Fire of Justice Lives in the Moon to open the Gate of Aquarius in the Body of man, woman and child.

Conscious Creation is aware of the fact that it gives form to the Detail in VOW Promised.

Details Come forth in Awakening Moon, spinning their Axis to Blossom in Right.

The weaving of United Patterns is given by the Light of Africa and the Light of Europe.

Going to Africa is going into the Natural Light of your Being, connecting to Life in the Wholeness of All Detailed Lights.

Gold is The Way of Equal Creation, realising the Immaculate State of the Detail in Awake Actions.

Awaken thy Human, Awaken thy Heart!

Photo taken by Eric Adamse, Copyright: Eric Adamse

Fire in Moon is a Fire in Truth, Blessing the Flames upon Altar of Life.

In OM and in All I give Violet Light, to come to the point where Life is in Sync.

NEW Moon of Comfort started 00.45. Writing at 11.00.

Creating Heaven on Earth Europe Lives in the Flame of Freedom, meaning that because of the Flame of Freedom the Union of Europe is possible. 

Full Moon of Immaculate 

Full Moon 00.10, written at 09.00: Immaculate is the Order of Life, the Design that has given All Right, Light and Space.

Fire of Violet Lives on the earth, creating the Union of Spirit and matter and realising the Union of Pink and Blue because of this.

The New Course of the Original Destiny for Terra and for the Flames on the Altar of EARTH.

Immaculate Moon her Power

This writing is the sequel to the book "Dossier on the Ascension" by Serapis Bey.

Teaching of North brings Command to Unite.

Creation is Transparent in the Rainbow Colours of Aquarius.

Radiance of the Core of White Fire is visible in Sun Light.

”Creating in ONE of the Portals of Heaven, is creating the Union of Above and Below.