Sunday Meetings

Meetings are on a regular base planned on Sundays. These Sunday mornings a group of people meet and learn about the main teaching of the past week. These meetings always entail a meditation, used to create the Vision for Aquarius. 

Morning Walks

2 times a week we are going for a walk with a group of people. We do this to bring and enhance Motion, the Motion of All. During the walk Teachings Awakened in the night are given. In sharing during the walk, Motion in Air will spread the Teachings through Breath, in all Life. While walking we touch Terra with our footsteps and give her of our Motion to fulfill the Direction of ONE . In our Mission, All is ONE,  we are creating Eternal Motion for ALL.The wholeness of life is seen and felt in this. 

Group Meetings

During the week there are several group meetingswithin a scheduled time and upon a scheduled date. Students have a place within one or two of these groups. These group meetings are used for personal growth within Whole Life, while the Teachings for Aquarius can rise more and more within the students participating. 

Book Meetings

Once a month there is a meeting in which the focus is on one of the books published by Centre The-Invitation. Teachings in the book can be integrated more easily when discussed in a meeting.  

Domein Days

Every Month a Domein day is organized. These days are used to focus on a specific topic or subject. Often we travel to places within The Netherlands, while the focal point to meet is the Domein.  


A Retreat is organised to create space for the Students and Teacher(s) to learn and grow in a specific chosen subject. This is often organized by traveling to another country and last from a couple of days to a week. Within the Retreat a Course is given as the Teaching in Order. A Course is the opportunity for every Detail to receive the Personal Teaching according to one’s VOW.  Order of LAW is Present in a Course, while in a Retreat the fact that it gives space for the One of Student and Teacher is emphasized. 


You can always join our Sunday meetings or/and the Celebration of Community day. The other activities are private groups. The Retreats are open for all to participate. The main language is English/Dutch. If you are interested in joining an activity, please feel welcome to contact us!


For all Activities is paid, to give Worth to the Teachings of Aquarius and to emphasize the Worth of Life as a Whole.