In Welcoming the Moon of the Son we remember the Birth of Christ. We remember the Reality of a Gift to the World, a Gift of every Human Being.

ONE RACE is United and follows God’s Tone. ONE RACE is Able to be Creator within this Tone. ONE RACE is God’s RACE, the RACE that is Encouraged by Father, that is Directed by the Light of the Almighty ONE. This ONE is God’s Name and God’s Tone. This ONE Resonates within Human RACE, within ONE RACE.
Being Aligned with the Father’s Wish is being Able to Create. Your Creativity is the Alignment with Father’s Wish. Your Creativity is Ordered by Sun and Moon and Ordered by the given LAW in the Aquarian Age.

October has served Immaculate Truth. Showing The Way in the Light of CORE. Immaculate Light is Righteously given and opens up Eternity in the Opportunity of Creative Right in Human RACE.

New moon 21.32
written 21.28

Reflection was given in several moons to come to the Ending of a Great Era. Reflection is Active in Moon to come, Moon to Shine in the Glory of Aquarian Reign. Welcome Father and his Reflection, to realise ONE Reign and ONE Act in Direction. Moon is Glorious in the Releasing of Father's Will, to unleash the Willingness in MALE to serve Life in Great Honour.

We came together for the Full Moon of the Beatitude: Blessed are they who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
We all said: Multiply, oh multiply make one future rise, gratitude, oh gratitude power in the Light 3x
There is Power in Light; there is the Power to Multiply in your Creativity. There is Power in the Reflection of Moon, so there is Power in the Reflection of Full Moon.
You are able to Multiply what is Reflected by the Light of Sun. You are able to Multiplying your Creative Ability what is Reflected in the Full Moon this Night or this Hour.

Precipitating the Light of the Immaculate Right of a Detail to Exist, to Breathe and to be form, is of the utmost importance in a time when the world seems dark. Although the outer circumstances and the physical form show pain and despair, the NEW Light is Present and surely given.