Full Moon is coming as a clear bride welcomed by her groom. The Sun shines his Light to Accelerate her Beauty and to make her MORE in the Direction of True Equilibrium. The Love of Sun is given to Moon in his Brightness. She Reflects his Love in showing the Colours of his Light, showing the manifestation of Light its Wish. Wishful Light is in Sun Rays. All Rays ARE Reflected by Moon, as are all Wishes. In Equality they are seen by the Moon. When the Wishes are Reflected, they are Free in Equality. Free in the Tone of Aquarius that can only Sound because of Reflection, because of Creation.
Welcome the Moon as a Bride wishes to be Welcomed. Welcome the Pure Tone of Aquarius that sounds in the Fullness of Reflection. Reflecting the Right Way of ONE Tone is Reflecting the Principles of Aquarius so Wishes come to pass in this Age and its Promise.
Live Life to the Fullest. To the Fullest of her Reflection and to the Deepest of her Direction.
Copyright: Ascending All


Written at 10.38. Moon is NEW 12.38
In the NEW Moon of Equilibrium the Rising Sun will give the Pulse and impulse in Direction to Celebrate Life in the Equal Truth of Details.

We staan in de voortuin om één van de bloemencirkels.
Schouders laag. We omarmen de cirkel. Stap opzij allemaal en we nemen de maan mee in onze armen. We koesteren de maan. We nemen hem mee. Voel dat je de maan koestert en meeneemt.

The Plan of GOD and of its Will is Active in the Direction of Sun and Reflection of Moon. The Order given in Sun and Moon is the Order to form the Plan of the Origin, the Plan that can only be realised in applying the Truth of White Fire Order.

Active Design of Emerald invited the Moon of Transparency to be able to spread her Tone and manifestation. In Tone of Emerald is The Way of Ruby, which is The Way to create NEW and Clear form. This form can be created in the Right of Human Being to BE Transparent, which is possible when Light and Order is integrated in Matter. Integrating the Order in which Light of Sun and Moon is received and given, is integration of the Origin. Doing so gives Way to be creative, Way to be Human in Original Plan. The Original Plan is imprinted in the Will of God, therefore this Plan is in Blueprint. Blueprint is able to integrate the Order and the Light and expressed this Order in the Perfection of Geometry. Manifesting The Way of Ruby starts with Will and is done in the Transparency of this Will.
Transparent Will is the Will in Uzziel. The Will of GOD given in the integration of Light and Order. And Ordered Whole can be created in the forming of ONE Way and ONE Sound. An Ordered Whole can be created in the Right use of Light. Using Light Right is integration of Light. And expressing it ordered and Well. Moon of Transparency shows The Way of integration, The Way to integrate Light and Order in Creative Path.
Copyright: Ascending All

In the Resonance of Violet is a New Day and a New Beginning. It is the Beginning of the Resurrection of this planet; it is the Beginning of a New Orbit around the Sun.