The Promise of Hope has been given for the Aquarian Age. And in this Promise is given the Reality of a New Creation, a Hopeful Creation, a Creation that IS the Portal of Eternity or that means it is Eternal Life.

Soon Month is over, focused on Truth and Reality of Cosmic Order. And soon Moon is Full in which Pure State of Aquarian Reign is Reflected, activating Cosmic Heartbeat in RACE. RACE Lives to Create, to form and to design. RACE is Present in Order of Cosmos, Present on Terra with Purpose and Destiny. Destined Creativity is Creativity to materialise Truth of LAW and to Activate Details in Allness.

Active Design of Emerald gives Space for Sun and Moon to be United, to be Active in the Motion of Eternity
The Activity of Emerald Design is given to the Motion of Terra, Sun and Moon, to Realise a Space in which the Truth can come forth.

After the Summer Solstice we celebrated the New Moon of the Beatitude: Blessed are the Merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Isabel: we hebben onze handen in bidpostitie en Isabel zegt “zit rechtop in Recht” .

Alive in Reflection and Present in Direction we reveal the New Moon that gives us All Light. And this Light is given to Open the Heart, to bring Brightness to All. The Heart is Bright because it is fulfilled with your Wish, it is filled with the Right to Exist and it beats with the Rhythm of Cosmos, it Beats in the Order of Cosmos. Your Heart therefore is able to Be Merciful, to be Charitable.

The Sun brings today and the Sun brings Tomorrow. Giving its Light to Direct all in ONE. Waving Goodbye to the past with Salvation, knowing that Life continues in MORE. Embracing NEW Future and bringing forth form in Aquarian Spin, is Way of Humanity and Act in GOD’S NAME.

Life Starts in the Announcement of Gabriel, the Announcement in which HOPE is the given reality to make Detail Blossom. Blossoming Power for Detail is in Truth, in the Active Sign of the current Age. Aquarius is Active in Direction of Sun and in Reflection of Moon. Aquarius gives of itself and brings the Signal to All Details to rise and Awaken IN HOPE. Which states that all Details may listen to the Voice of Gabriel to be announced as Living Body of GOD.