The Lighthouse of Europe is my legacy

In the Wholeness of Life is the Beginning and the Ending the Fullness of ONE Way and ONE Promise. To realise the Wholeness of Life in the different Rays of Eternal Sun, there is time. In the concept of time the True Union of Life is Lived. It is Lived by the very fact that Teachings are released by the ones who have lived before us and that we have the opportunity to teach Human Race once we are not alive in the same wave spectrum as this Race currently is. History and future are the relative concepts of realised time.  

For our planet to realise her Goal, which is fulfilling the Rescue Mission of Sanat Kumara, she Lives time to make ONE Promise True. The Truth of ONE Promise is the Goal to have Life in Wholeness, the Goal to Unite TwinRays and TwinFlames. Planet Terra can only succeed in her Goal, when we as Humanity are committed to this Goal and give our Light to it. The Light we give to planet Terra to make her rise as the True and Whole Mother, is the Light of our Promise. The Light we have received from the Core of White Fire. This Light makes us Live, the Purpose of this Light makes us Act. And we have created history, as well as we create Future.  

In the Wholeness of Life every Human Being Living on planet Terra serves the Goal of the planet. In so doing, we serve Life as a whole because we bring the stepping stones for those in Human Race who Live the Future. The stepping stones we give can be in Word, in Teaching or Message. It can be done in Sound or Colour. Every stepping stone is in the Wholeness of Life the base where other Human Beings can connect to, beings who are committed to serve Terra and Sanat Kumara. They serve the Goal of Realising Freedom for Terra, Freedom for Human Race.  

When I lived as Mark Prophet I have founded a society within society. I brought forth the Word, I brought forth Sound. I was conscious and aware of the fact that I lived to serve the Goal of Sanat Kumara, to rescue Terra and her inhabitants from darkness. I Lived my Life to the fullest of my abilities, I created history and at the same time I created Future. The messages I have given, the Sounds I have produced, are the gift in time to be used as stepping stones and to realise the Teachings in it in order to serve the ONE Goal with me. As Mark Prophet I was a prophet. The messages I gave were the messages from God, to inspire the people to create more than their current world.  

I have given my Light with the Right of a Prophet, meaning that my Light is to be used in Future or as Future. My Light is the Stone to create with, to have Future Alive upon the Principles I was Prophesying about. I prophesied because I believed in a Lighter world, a world where the Violet Freedom Lives as a Ray that is Fully Present. I still believe, I still serve and am committed to this Goal. I still Commit myself to the Goal of planet Terra. The one thing I have realised after my life in the physical form on Terra, is that I have given my Light as a Flame. This Flame is not acting to be of my own use. I have seen Eternity, I am still Witness of Eternity. In Eternity I understand with the Fullness of my Being that I have given a legacy to others to build upon. The Words I spoke and the Sound I gave with the Light of my Being, has been given to be used and applied by the future generation. It is given to make the Prophecy Real.  

Unfortunately, when you are Living on planet Terra, you do not see Eternity like I can see now. You see time. But time as a concept is in Eternity a concept. It is the gift of Future and History in the perspective that All Life is in Wholeness born. When I was born, I was born with the purpose to prepare The Way for those who can Live what was in my time a Prophecy. But without the Revelation of the Prophecy, Life cannot even change and grow. I have prepared The Way for the Violet Freedom to be realised. I did so in the Age of Pisces, serving Sanat Kumara as my LORD and Light Source.  

Future has started, according to the time frame when I was embodied as Mark Prophet. In Future the Age of Aquarius has started. For the revelation of the Prophets I have given to be True, Aquarius is needed. The basic Tones and basic Principles of Aquarius, make the Prophecies given by my Light more real. I serve the ones who Live in the Age of Aquarius to give their Word, their Sound and Colour. All in the Wholeness of Life, where we all are ONE Way, Alive and Present. In the Presence of ourselves we walk The Way that I have started and prepared for the ones who live now.  

Within the lineage of Sanat Kumara the trained prophets and messengers will give their heritage like I have done. Within the lineage of Sanat Kumara, the Wholeness of TwinRays can serve the planet and realise the Rescue Mission. I Witness Eternity to come to the point where I see that my Word needs to be used as stepping stone. I Witness Eternity to come to the point IN Human Race, where the students and faithful ones follow the Rhythm of the Prophecy all the way into the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Way is fulfilled in the fact that I have served to give my Light to make Aquarius shine.  

After me and my beloved wife Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the lineage of Sanat Kumara is continued in the well spoken Word and Sound Living in the Light of Europe. The focal point to create Aquarius is in the Union of Europe, whereby I am serving the Future still in the fact that this is the focal point of our ONE Presence. Within the Netherlands the Mother Flame is raised, based upon the stepping stones I have given and based upon the tremendous devotion of Elisabeth. The Flame of Mother is Living, is materialising more and more within the Immaculate Reality of Eternity.  

The Community of the Netherlands, which is the detail of The Netherlands, is the Lighthouse for Europe, like the society I have built once was the Lighthouse for America. Tides have changed, time has continued within the Beauty of Eternity. In the Beauty of Eternity is the ever-Present Light of White Fire. This Light is shown by All who are devoted to the CORE of Life on planet Terra. This is the CORE that Lives Life in the Union of Twin Rays and Flames.  

Devoted to the Word of Wholeness, I have given my Sound as Prophet. I have done so to realise the Future as I have seen in my Dreams and Prophecies. I have done so with the wish at Heart, that Life would be lived in Unity after my physical life had ended. With the commitment in Elizabeth her Heart, she continued The Way I taught her.  She continued in the awareness that Future was in the gift she gave every day. She knew, because she was devoted to the Ruby Heart of Sanat Kumara, that she was raising the Mother Flame and Word in order to pass it on. In the lineage of Sanat Kumara she was and IS, an Initiate. The Community of the Netherlands Live in the same lineage. Within Community is the Unity of Twin Rays and Flames the Realisation of the Rescue Mission, like it was within the society I had built.  

Believe in the Future and realise that the Words I have given, the Words Elizabeth has given and lived, were given with the purpose to be realised. We prepared for the Aquarian Age to be Alive, for the Aquarian brothers and sisters amongst Human Race to rise and give Sound and Word. It is Wise to use the stepping stones of the past and realise Future. It is Wise to give the Presence of Eternity in every time frame on planet Terra, with the understanding that Life is Wholeness through Ages and Principles of Ages.  

I was a Prophet with the goal to have the Prophecy realised. I am an Ascending Witness seeing that Unity is Living Reality in The Netherlands.  

I Witness the Union of Europe and bow and commit myself to the Flame of Europe. The Lighthouse of Europe Lives in the land below sea level, the land that can rise the most of all others!