I follow the Teachings for Aquarius because I want to create another world, another environment.

The environment for ourselves is first of all our body that surrounds our Self which is the Detail. Today I have felt again that I have a sincere wish to change the body. Not only mine, but all bodies. The entire body as life.

I am a mother of twon sons and my wish for them is that they are free to live their detail in full expression. I am again amazed or rather astonished by the fact that the surrounding or environment gives so many impulses to hide the detail. Education at school, health care, family. Everywhere we go we meet an environment that cannot cope with the light of the Detail.

I am in the Teaching because I want an environment for myself and even more for my children and all future generations, which is raising the light of the detail. I want to learn to create a world that enlightens your Self constantly and encourages and invites to express the detail.

First I have become aware of the fact that I create the circumstances myself. I create life. In this awareness I have come to the point where I say:I deserve a teaching that shows me how to create the circumstances I envision as life.

This teaching I have found. My body is changing with my awareness and consciousness. I am more free to give my light, my Self. But I still wish for more living details to rise. I wish more freedom.

I have learned that expressing a wish is alreadythe start of creating it. That is why I write this down. I wish a clear environment where I live a natural life. I wish to create something new that shows us safety to express.

The teaching is here. I am a student because I want change, I want more in life than the current world shows. I participate in the teaching by showing my detail so I receive the teaching in alignment with me.

Thanks for seeing and teaching me.

Love, Isabel