As long as there are students, there will be a Teaching.  

A student is willing to learn to create its Detail, within the Age of Aquarius. The Principles of Aquarius are dear to the heart of the student, but need to be conscious and aware in order to create the Fullness of the Detail. A student in the Teaching, in the Teaching of Aquarius, is Willing to integrate the Teaching and to Honour Eternity.  

A True student of the Teaching and Teacher as One, is willing to Honestly look at itself and realise the fact that we are a Detail with a VOW. Every Detail is seen by the Teacher, every student is seen. The student is responsible for its own lessons. When the student shows him or her Self to the Teacher, the Teaching can be given and the student will learn who he or she is as Detail. The student will learn how to create the Detail in Wholeness.  

A student has Will to Learn and Will to Create. These two combined are the Purity of the student, the Purity of Obedience which is Natural for every Human Being. In Obeying is the Joy of Life. It is a Joy for the student to meet the Teacher and Teaching and apply the Worth given in every Word of the Teaching.  

All of Humanity is a student, in the Nature of their being. We as humans can all learn how to create Wholeness and Eternity. In Centre The-Invitation in the Netherlands a focal group of students meets with the Teacher every day to learn as Human Being to be the Action of the Detail. As a Whole they create the Aquarian Age within the Teaching and realise their Divine task as Human.  

The students in The Netherlands are men and women, living a life within society. From within society they create the Age of Aquarius and spread the Principles of the Aquarian Age.   

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