Every day is a day to learn. Every day is a day to teach. 

What is published on this website is realised from the devoted Will of a Teacher and her students. As human beings both Teacher and students are devoted to create Aquarius and realise the Aquarian Way of Living. Students meet Teacher Mura every day to hear her understanding of Divine Life within her Qualities of Vision, Government and Teaching. Every student is seen for his or her Divine Quality and encouraged in living daily life from this Divine Identity. 

As a group the focus is to create Aquarius in the Power of Community, which is the Divine Detail of The Netherlands. Every Teaching, every day, is given in the atmosphere of daily life, in order to enhance Life as Eternity. Creating is a Divine task, which we as humans need to learn. Therefore every day is a day to learn and teach, a day to create and realise something new.  

On this website we share the Teachings. Topics we discuss you can find in the Student Blogs. In sharing and discussing we always learn MORE. It is our way of integrating the Teachings.