The Age of Aquarius is a period in time. is a Zodiac Sign representing specific qualities. Within the Wheel of the Zodiac, planet Terra receives the impulses of Zodiac Signs. One Sign at a time will Reign the Expression of planet Terra with its Qualities and Principles. Creation therefore receives different impulses over time, to realise the Eternal Motion of the Wholeness of the Wheel of the Zodiac.

The Age of Aquarius is the period in time where the Sign Aquarius Reigns and connects to the Direction of the Sun, which is given to Terra. Direction of Sun Light gives the Direction of the Aquarian Reign, which makes Creation of planet Terra blossom within the Aquarian Principles. The Design for Aquarius envisions Freedom for Details to Live and create. In Aquarius the base for this Freedom is the Union of consciousness and awareness, the Union of Male and Female as Blue and Pink. 

Within the Dream of the Aquarian Age planet Terra has united with planet Venus, which is a Union of Pink and Blue realising the Violet Colour of Freedom. The Grand Design to have Details blossom within the Motion of Eternity as realised in the Wheel of Zodiac, is the Purpose for Aquarius. Within the Principles of Aquarius, such as Equality, Beauty, Truth, Righteousness, Opportunity and MORE, every Detail Lives and creates. An Eternal Creation is realised within the Reigning Power of Aquarius, the Authority of the Aquarian Constellation.