All life is learning to master Ascending.

Whenever we search for answers in our life or for Life itself, Ascending Masters are here to support us and guide us in any way possible. These Masters are the Teachers of mankind in the fact that they have lived their lives upon planet Terra and realised Oneness IN themselves. Amongst Ascending Masters are Angels and Archangels, Elohim and Nature Beings. 

All Present within the Eternal Motion of Life which is the Living Oneness of Life as a Whole, is Ascending. In the Aquarian Age all of Humanity is given the opportunity to live Eternal within the Ascending State, which means that the Motion of Eternity is materialised. At this moment the Ascending Masters are the ones who are aware and conscious of this fact. From this consciousness and awareness they teach and inspire us. Consciousness and awareness of Humanity therefore expands, whereby we all can Master our Detail and Live as Ascending Humanity.