The Word of Spirit and Matter as One.

http://www.globallightminds.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/lead-us-500x358.jpgA dictation is an inspired message. The message is inspired by a Master, Angel, Elohim. Everything Living within the Wholeness of Life can Commune and give its Detail. A trained messenger is able to Commune with Details in Life and able to give Word to the Details in Wholeness. The Word can be given because of the Realised Union of Spirit and Matter in the messenger, or prophet.  

dictation is an opportunity to meet Life in a profound way and to connect with the Original vibrations of Life that might be unknown. A dictation is for many Details in Origin a way to give Voice and Expression to themselves and to Communicate with Human Race. This Communication is The Way to Love Human Race and support the Race as a Whole in realising their VOW.   

A dictation is always connected to a Teaching and a True Teacher will explain the content in the Words of a Teaching. In this way the inspired message serves to realise VOW and the growth of I.